The Son of God Concentrates on Fulfillment of the Word

September 24th, 2017

ICA Sunday Pulpit Message

<Introduction – The one who has the covenant of “Only”>

There’s a saying that when you dig up a well, you must only dig up that one well. This means that you should not be looking elsewhere and continue to dig up that well. If you decide to make or do something, you should not give up but continue to study it, explore it, and continuously know what you are doing. If you see someone doing one thing consistently, you get the impression that they are very wise. A person with a personal vision looks very classy. There are people that only love one person, and people who see this think that it is very beautiful. It’s the same thing for God. As children of God—as sons of God—we should only seek God. We know that we should only seek God, but how can we seek God? God only desires one thing. He is invisible to our eyes and is greater than the entire universe; nothing is big enough to contain Him. God cannot physically be with the human race because He is pure and holy, which we are not, so when we are with Him, it’s like we are melting before Him. People come to church without knowing this fact. They come to give worship to Him, yet because they only focus on the fact that He loves us, they take Him for granted. Because God is great, we cannot be with him. He is holy and pure. We are beings who cannot be with God and cannot stay with God, can never meet Him in heaven. However, God has surpassed all of those limitations. You can apply this to human relationships as well. Adults don’t think much of an age gap of one or two years. However, the young nitpick at even months of age difference and use it as a means of preventing people younger than them from defying them. They’re essentially implying that those who are younger cannot be the same as them, that the younger must submit under them. However, we don’t apply this way of thinking when it comes to God, who is far greater than any other. God has come to us human beings who partake in this type of behavior. Because we cannot meet Him, He sent His only son to us. God opened the way for us to meet Him who we cannot meet. We cannot seek or imitate His righteousness. Let me ask you, can you maintain a close distance to the homeless people who haven’t taken a shower in weeks, maybe even months? Of course, there are people who can still embrace them, give them food, and take care of them. That’s not the purpose of the question. I’m saying that it is generally uncomfortable for us to get near people because we believe that they are unclean. All the dirt in your body, you can wash off, but the sins you’ve committed cannot be washed away. People don’t realize that in God’s eyes, we are sinners. But God, wanting to eradicate our sins, sent his son to us, and in order to be with us with until the very end, He gave us the Holy Spirit. The moment that you confess that Jesus Christ is your savior, you will become God’s child. He is our savior. He is even with us now through the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ promised that in the last days of the world, he’ll come once again and save us all. Before he ascended, he entrusted one great blessing to us: “I have everything in my hands. I have the power to control souls, the power to move men, the power of finances. I have prepared the souls that need to be saved, so go and save the world.” He has proclaimed world evangelization, and when the world evangelization is complete, he promised to come again. That is truly an amazing thing. What is the most important is that Jesus is the Christ, and he has gotten rid of all of our sins to be with us. Only Jesus is our savior and our Christ. If you know this fact, you will come to know this confession naturally. When you come to the point where, without knowing, you give this confession, you now realize that only Jesus Christ is the one, and you’ll make confessions. Think of it this way: when you touch something very hot, you say that it’s very hot, and when you touch something very cold, you say that it’s very cold. When you come upon the scenery of the Grand Canyon, you remark that it’s very beautiful. That’s not something that is calculated; it’s not intentional. No person, when submerging their hand in hot water, calculates the water temperature and determines that it is very hot before consciously deciding to take out their hand and scream in pain. When you touch it, without even realizing, you say that it’s hot. This is the same concept. There are many believers in this world, who don’t realize this concept. Jesus is not the Jesus that others in your church talk about, that the pastor talks about. Jesus is the Jesus that enters your heart, the Jesus that you can see, touch, and recognize. And without you even realizing, you will speak, “Jesus, the Lord, is Christ. He is the only one who can save me. My hope is only Jesus Christ. I kneel before you. I only love the Lord, for only the Lord will help me.” These confessions will come. I bless you that you will receive this blessing. This is the person who holds onto the “Only” covenant. The believers in the Bible talk about these confessions, and they make these confessions. These believers are not like Pastor Kim. They are not the believers who do whatever they want to do based on how they feel. They are the believers who realizes that through Christ, everything is finished. People who find the covenant of “Only” are the true believers. So true believers who go to church, they are the ones who know that Jesus is the Christ. They will realize that all things that are happening are because of Christ. So whether you like it or not, there is a faith that can transcend everything. World evangelization is God’s only hope, His only desire, and you live for that sole purpose. True believers only work and desire for God’s only desire, which is world evangelization. Because of world evangelization, many things take place. Problems occur, but the people who face them do not get deceived because they know why trials come to them. However, people who don’t know that the hardships they face are trials will fall. They make excuses, saying things like because of so-and-so, I’m not coming to church. Since someone took my money, I’m not coming to church. I’m very sorry to say, but these people are not holding on to the “Only” covenant. Only God knows if they’re saved or not.

What is the reason that we have gathered? We are here because of Jesus Christ who has saved us. Looking at the scriptures, Jesus died on the cross, and you will see that took place prior to his crucifixion (Matthew 26). The cross represented death back in the days. Now, what would happen if we were on the verge of death? We would normally try to avoid death and run away. However, Jesus did something strange. It seems as if he wanted to die. You can sense that he was focused on something. This is what we must look at today. Jesus Christ, who is son of God, was not afraid of death, and nothing could penetrate through that. So looking at Jesus, we have to challenge ourselves to be like him.


1. The incidents took place prior to Jesus’ crucifixion.

1) Religion without the gospel kill the gospel. (Great Priest, Scribe, Elder)

2) Effort without the gospel disturb the gospel. (Jesus’ disciples)

3) Skill without the gospel condemn the gospel. (Judas Iscariot)


First, we encountered many events just before Jesus was crucified. You can arrange it in three categories. The high priest, the scribe, and the elders tried to kill Jesus. The followers of Jesus led Jesus to pity, and he continued to interfere with what Jesus was trying to focus on. What was more serious and funny was that Judas, one of the twelve disciples, sold Jesus. These things happened around Jesus. What would you do if you were like him? This is a frustrating situation. Today in Matthew 26: 3, the high priest and the elders of the Pharisees conspires against Jesus and argues that he should arrest him and kill him. The priests and elders of the Jewish religious leaders, the Pharisees, tried to grab Jesus and kill him. This is the story that Jesus did not know who he was. He was known only as the son of a carpenter. It was once popular and so many people were thinking about it. So many people came to Jesus. The priests, the Pharisees, were in a bad mood when all the Saints were coming to another church. That is why we try to grab Jesus and kill him. The Jewish leaders who did not recognize Christ did so to grab hold of Jesus. He is a Jew without Christ. Judaism rejects Christ Jesus. If you do not walk with Jesus Christ and know Jesus Christ, you are a religious person even if you go to church for a thousand years. Religious people without Christ and without the Gospel are required to kill those who love Christ with the Gospel. This has been repeated in the history of the church. The same is true these days. There are few believers who know the mystery of Christ. 'I have to live good, I have to quit drinking and smoking, I have to serve the church, and God will bless me.' Again, it is completely religious. We do not know the mystery of Christ. I do not know, I can not enjoy. I can not tell because I can not enjoy it. That is why we can not do evangelism but not. Do not, not can not. Such a member really did know the mystery of Christ and killed those who love Christ and so hardheartedly proclaim it. I laid it on the cover and killed it. These things have always been there. It is not a strange thing. They are going their way and we are going our way. The conclusion will come at the end of the Lord. Calculation and judgment are the Lord's part. The chief priests, scribes, and elders of the Pharisees attempted to kill Jesus. Jesus knew this. So you have repeatedly told me that these things will happen.

The disciples who assisted such Jesus would have to set their minds, but this was missed. In today's text Matthew 26: 8, a woman breaks the jar in front of Jesus' feet. The women of Israel's ancient Jews gather money every day before they get married, instead of carrying food and accidentally breaking it. This woman smashed the oil jar of three hundred denarii and put it on Jesus' feet. I would have to praise the disciples who looked at it in a way that is true, charming and faithful to this woman, I rebuked that it would be good if I could help the poor by selling it without breaking it. What did Jesus respond to? Instead, he restrained the disciples. So, everywhere that the gospel was preached, she gave me the woman's word to share her devotion. The poor have always been with you, but soon I will die. It is time for Jesus to die. This means that the disciples had been with Jesus for almost three years. Nevertheless, Jesus and his disciples were still wrong and unfit. What are you talking about? I do not know Christ well. I do not know the Gospel yet. Such people are simply interrupting. The evidence shows that when Jesus prayed earnestly in the Garden of Gethsemane, all his disciples slept. Jesus groaned a little and said, 'Can you not pray with me for just one hour?' It is an urgent time for Jesus. It was time to pray earnestly. However, the disciples fell asleep without praying together. How about snoring from the side while driving? It is to interfere with driving. Jesus is now preparing for prayer in the face of death, and the disciples are asleep next to him. There is no Christ, a zealous zeal. It is an obstacle to Jesus. It does not make sense. Jesus is arrested at a crucial moment. At this time, Peter follows the side and takes out the knife. I usually cut my ears because I did not practice swords. Jesus hurled. 'Put your sword in the sheath of the road. Everyone who has a sword is destroyed by the sword.' Then he said, 'If I pray right now, I can mobilize angels with twelve corps.' When we saw it in 2 Kings, one angel killed all the Assyrian soldiers, eight and a half million. The desire to be an angel of the twelfth corps can mobilize many angels. Jesus must be caught up and going, which is hindering it. When Peter got hold of Jesus, he wielded his sword with the thought that he should protect Jesus. However, I received only the shout of Jesus. And then I deny Jesus. 'And he said,' I do not know the man. 'And another said,' He cursed him, and he swore, 'I do not know him.' So the chickens wept. ' If we do not, we can see that we can not help Jesus and become an obstacle. But when we count the Lord's will and walk with Him, the Lord will be pleased and God will bless Him.

These things are continuing to happen today. Judas also sold Jesus to the thirty-nines of silver. He was good enough to be accountable and treasurer for the community of Jesus who was with Jesus. But I did not know Jesus well. In the end, I sold the teacher for thirty grand for money. The ability without the gospel, and the ability not knowing Christ, is to sell the gospel. These stuffy things kept happening. Nevertheless, Jesus was concentrating on only one. There was a clear reason. The answer is today's Bible text. It is Matthew 26: 54-46. Is it not the Scriptures that are written that this will be done? 'For this is what the prophets have written.' He concentrated only one thing in order to fulfill the Word of God. I have to be caught and suffered and then die. It is written and prophesied in the Word of God. Holding on to that word, Jesus is giving Himself for the fulfillment of the Word. If you know such a Lord, no matter what happens to me, I will concentrate on what the Word of God wants. Jesus was not ignorant and looked at only one. He preached and predicted many times that he would be trapped and suffered and eventually die. 'As you know, after two days, the Passover, the Son of Man is called to be crucified.' The praise of the woman was also praised because this woman prepared for my death. Has Jesus been incapacitated and taken away? Was Jesus arrested for lack of power? 'Do you know that you can not send an angel of twelve spirits to Jesus?' I asked you to pass this cup to me, but in the end you are submitting to me as you please.


2. The one and only reason why Jesus was going to be crucified. (Mt. 26:54,56)

1) It is not because he was ignorant. (Predicted multiple times)

2) It is not because he was powerless. (Mobilization of heavenly army)

3) It is not because he gave up. (Obedience according to His father’s will)


Why did you do that? To fulfill the recorded Word of God. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, did this at the end of his life. Only because he wanted to be fulfilled by the word of God, he was caught himself and suffered himself. You are focused on fulfilling the Word. So if you and I hear this and look closely at Christ and follow it, God blesses us. It is because God has always proclaimed and fulfilled the Word of God. Please remember that God gives the Word and works. We can not meet God, we can not be together, we can not receive the blessings of God. But being beyond this is Christ. He has fulfilled His Word. To believe in Jesus is to receive the word of the Lord. To walk with Christ is to follow the Word of God. When God created the world when he created the world, he prophesied and fulfilled it when he was ruling the history of mankind. God gives us the word when we call the people we choose to work. When God called Adam and Noah, he gave the Word. Keep the Garden of Eden and keep it; you may eat all the fruit of every tree in the Garden. Do not eat as much fruit as you know the good and the evil in the center. Why? If you eat, it is not a stumbling block. If you know the case of Genesis 3 as a case of good and evil, it is wrong to know. JMS Jongmok-seok, a university student who evangelizes, is a heresy. It teaches the apple of good and evil. Are you going to die from eating an apple? Genesis 3 is the first event that misses God's Word, not the good and evil. God has entrusted all these things to the creature man. He said not to eat one. 'I will surely die when I eat.' What is the first problem of mankind? When did the beginning of sin come from? When did human suffering, disaster, and guilt come? Window 3 is from the case. In other words, it is a case that misses God's Word. So humanity has come to sin, difficulties. It is a case that misses the word of God. Jesus Christ came to restore everything. Satan made what he ate for the first man to miss God's Word. The same Satan who appeared to Jesus was the same. 'Are you the Son of God? I had a hard time praying for fasting for 40 days. You are the Son of God, are not you capable of doing these things? But what did Jesus say? Did you want to eat grass because my taste is not stones but grass? He said, 'Man shall not live by bread, but by the word of God.' He did not miss the word of God because of eating and physical things. Satan always wants to take away the spiritual word of God while mobilizing the physical. All the people of God are led by the Word of God. Abraham also said that God would be the source of blessing. All of the Remnants of the Bible stood up, receiving the word of God. The twelve disciples recorded in the Bible, and all the early church figures, were all grabbing and winning the Word of God. All of the advanced beliefs and church history writings that God has used since the Bible have grabbed the Word of God and won.

If so, what about God's children, us convinced? You can look at God entirely by giving the Word and doing it. There must be a word God gives me. Those who hold on to it are surely blessed. You will succeed forever. You are here today to worship. I came to work at a bakery, while I was studying. This is how you win your entire life perfectly. Do not worry about how much she is good at preaching in Dan. Even if you do not know the Bible well and follow the words well, you will be blessed if you catch the voice you gave me. How wonderful is this if the Word of God is fulfilled in me? How surprised is it with the fortune teller who is a ghost? It is amazing even if the fortunate fortune-teller meets my past, and think that the word of God is done to me. How amazing is it? Why did we human beings fail? Because we have missed God's Word, everything has fallen behind it. Despite the development of human science, civilization and culture, many people and individuals are falling apart. This is because it is the human being who misses God's Word. I can not, but Christ has won and succeeded in that part. So when we are caught up in Christ, we gain the righteousness of God. The power of Jesus, who has broken the forces of darkness without missing the Word, is in me.

That is the second. It is not because Jesus did not know, because he was ignorant, unable to give up, and passed on to death because of the fulfillment of the Word. Jesus did not take form to die fiercely. I did not try to impress you. Why did the whole humanity collapse? I missed God's Word. 'I will hold on to the word of God, and I will not miss it.' The one who has passed by faith and power is Christ Jesus, the Son of God. When you hold on to him, you will win. It is supposed to win the whole life. Even if you do not get your doctorate, you can take the F credit and cut the school. Many people commit suicide the next day with their doctorate. I do not know this. We must hold on to the Word of God who lives and works and responds. So how do you hold onto it?


3. The method for the sons of God to concentrate on the fulfillment of God’s word

1) The worship which the saints give (Mt. 18:19-20)

2) The word which the pastor preaches (Amos 3:7)

3) The covenant which is proclaimed in the field (Mk. 16:20)


This is the third. How can we, the sons of God, concentrate on the fulfillment of the Word of God? It is the service of the saints. When you hear the word of God, it is time to worship where you are most sensitive. In Matthew 18, Jesus Himself spoke. It is so important that he said, 'Truly, I say to you again.' 'If two of you are united in the earth and ask for anything, my Father in heaven will make it for them. Wherever the two or three are gathered together in my name, I am among them. " I'm with you. You said you answered. If so, if you come to hear the Word on Sunday, God will be with you. God is watching you as a flaming eye. Some of you are going to come out because of your mom and dad. If you do not come to the worship service on Sunday, you should go to the atrium to get out. There will be some people who want to see what the atmosphere of this church is. Even if it comes to the bottom line, Lee Myung-yong, the word that is proclaimed through worship is the word that is given to me. If you are caught, God is working.

hat is, the word that the pastor proclaims. Amos 3: 7 says, "The Lord the Lord will not do His works unless He reveals His secrets to His servants the prophets." Through the pastor whom God has established, He wants to preach especially in the time of worship. Acts 2. He was taught by the apostles, fellowshiped, prayed, and worshiped. Through all the words proclaimed through His servant, He accomplished all the work of God. If so, what do you do when two or three people come to the place of worship? If you listen only to sermons, you have the opportunity to build your Bible knowledge. Being an important message can bring about my spiritual growth. But if you hear that this is not the voice of man but the voice of God, that is the fulfillment. It is the covenant of God. It is becoming accomplished. I can not hold on to the Word, and it does not depend on the preacher's time. Why did the whole human race be destroyed? Why did World First and Second World War break out? Why are conservatives and progressives fighting? Why does Kim Jong Eun take the nuclear threat? Why does Trump want to get rid of North Korea? Why do drug dealers constantly make and sell drugs, knowing that drugs will kill them all? Why do not they give drugs to their children? Then I need to see myself rather than seeing the person next to me. I want to do well, why can not I be in a bad habit? There is a lot of hope but why not? Is it because Kim Jung Eun can not play, and Trump is radical? All human beings, regardless of their language or skin color, have been misrepresented because of their missing words. Why do not our kids listen to the words? Why can I not do everything? Why? Is it a matter of luck? That is not it. It is because human beings, including myself, lie in absolute mistakes that miss God's Word. If so, what do you mean by turning it over? If you think about one thing, there is a way to change your whole life. God will accompany me as soon as I have decided to listen to the words proclaimed in the place of worship by the voice of God. God will raise miracles in those parts you cannot solve.

He also says that the Holy Spirit works when he divides the word received from God on the spot. This is Mark 16. 'The disciples have preached throughout the land, and the Lord has worked with them, and he has surely testified the words with the signs that follow him. "In other words, the Holy Spirit raises works and miracles as they gather and scatter because of the word of God in our lives. When we gather to receive the Word of God in Sunday service and live to deliver the message we receive from Monday to Saturday, God will bless the blessing. 'If I realize that God has given me voices through the numerous paths, and I have not done this because I have been careful,' your victory will begin.


<Conclusion - Everyone who devoted for the word of God directly or indirectly has had victory.>

In conclusion, I will tell you the word of blessing. None of those who made direct or indirect commitments for the Word of God blessed God without exceptions. God blessed those who tried to convey the Bible, read the Bible, wrote the Bible, translated the Bible, taught with the Bible, and proclaimed the Word of God. Now we must save my life with the word of God, but I believe that Immanuel will be for those who confess that we should build him with the word of God. I believe that you will be filled with the Holy Spirit. I believe that you will be able to mobilize them with fire and chariots. You are saying, 'You are the heavenly angels, the one who fulfills the word of God.' Some of these people will be determined to hear the word. There will be those who are determined by 'I will succeed in Sunday worship and I will hold on to the Word of God', 'I will be a Bible teacher because I have come to college', or 'I will be a minister of the Word to spread the word movement.' I want to pray together for those people.

There will be someone who will hear the voice of the Lord today during Sunday worship. 'I have tried so hard to make money until now, but there will be someone who is willing to work for God's Word.' 'I am going to study hard for my degree soon, but there will be someone who has decided to teach for God's Word.' 'So far, if you have someone who has fed and clothed their children, they should plant the word of God in their children.' If you have made such a decision, please close your eyes and put your right hand on your left chest. Pray with your heart without making a sound. I want to have a confession of enlightenment. 'I thought I was in a bad luck and failed because I met the wrong person. I confess that there is a more fundamental problem than all of mankind. I can confess that this mistake of lightening the worship and of the word of God has caused the whole earth to perish. " Because of my sin, I must remember Jesus, who did not avoid death, crucifixion, and beating, but struggled for the fulfillment of Scripture. If you have the only hope and hope for man, you will know that you will not miss the word. Lord help me. I thought the word of God was written only in the Bible. God now hears the voice of the Lord through the human minister in the place of worship. Let me hear the voice of God changing the whole life, not as a lesson of life. A living and motivated Word can lead my life. I realized that the fundamental and first problem of mankind was a misinterpreted word. Because of that very matter, Jesus was tempted and overcame the Devil. At the end of Jesus that began to do so, he threw himself in everything to fulfill the Word until death. Let us resemble Christ who followed in one direction for the fulfillment of the Word, even in the midst of the crisis and the disciples of ignorance who are about to kill, and the circumstances of selling Jesus. Give us the saints of the heavens and the earth for the decision of the heart today. Please lead me with peace and joy in your life, and give me the evidence of the Lord that no one knows in the world. I bless you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.