Christ and His Mother

May 13th, 2018

ICA Sunday Pulpit Message


I hope to receive God's response on Sunday. The church offers seasonal worship services. There are several feasts, and there are some benefits that come to us through this seasonal worship. There is a tribulation season, a resurrection season, and a Thanksgiving season worship. These are the feasts that give us faith in God and make the covenant of God more firmly believed. There’s also another season. Children's week, and Mother's week. This is a blessing to restore human relationships. Today is Mother’s Day. What season? It is a season to thank the mother who gave birth and raised you for her sacrifice and hard work. I will look back on my childhood. This is what we do because it is the will of God. It is because God blesses His children if they show their parents respect. I hope you will remember and appreciate your parents who are with you today. Honor your parents in the Lord. That is what the Lord wants. Our Lord is Christ. I want to see today how Jesus Christ served the Lord.


1.       Christ who understood His Mother. (Luke 2:51)


Christ Jesus understood his mother, Mary. In fact, when we look at our biological mother, we can see her mistake as a human being. There are many loopholes and shortcomings, and there can be many things that you do not know. We do not have to be upset because of those moms. Sometimes you get angry, and sometimes you do not like it. When I get older and older, I understand my mother more and more. It is understandable because I realize that I, myself, am not perfect either. This is especially true when you get married and have a baby; as you raise your child, you become more understanding. I understand how my parents were having trouble with my parents. So the first thing a child does for their parents is to understand their parents. I understand that I can obey my parents because I understand.


Jesus showed that he understood his mother and obeyed his mother. An event occurs when you look at Luke 2. There was a great feast in Jerusalem, and Jesus had a ceremony. After the ceremony, there was a discussion with Jesus and the scholars in the temple. The debate has grown longer. Jesus' parents had finished the ceremony, so they thought He had come back home with them. Again Jesus' parents returned and found Jesus around the temple. Eventually, Jesus' parents sought Jesus to discuss with the scholars in the temple. The parents were angry when they found the child they lost. They asked him, “Why did you not followed us?” Jesus' parents would have been disciplined. At that time Jesus said, “Why did you not know that I was staying in your Father's house?” It was like this. Jesus knew. It was before the public service, but knew it was the Son of God. Jesus, the Son of God, knew that he should be in the temple, the house of God. So He had a discussion with scholars working in the temple. I will not go. Parents are going first. I did not say there is much to discuss and learn here. Because I am the Son of God. It is right to discuss with the people who do the work of God in the house of God, the temple, so I have to be here and my parents will not go home. It is mentioned in Luke 2:51. "Jesus went down with him and came to Nazareth and obeyed him." " My son, Jesus, did not ignore her mother that she did not know why. The mother who received the message of God through angels did not despise that she did not know why. Rather, if the mother Mary was speaking, Jesus obeyed. It was because I accepted and understood the lack of my mother, so I could obey it.


That was the expression of love for Jesus. There we can learn. We can learn from the love Jesus sent to His mother Mary. What should we do with the Gospel? What should we do with our salvation? It is to understand and share the ignorance of their parents and their agony. So, the most important thing is to understand the mind, condition, and situation of mother or parents. I understand. There was a youth meeting this week. Before we worshiped, we ate together. Mother's day, in honor of Teacher's Day, young people prepared food and small gifts. I was grateful and impressed. There was a thank-you card. I am very thankful to the pastor for his hard work, but I have written an article that understands my mind about what the pastor does in the field of the Word. That was a big comfort. I realized that young people understand the pastor 's feelings. When your child understands and accepts the present state of your parents, it pleases your parents.


2.     Christ who acknowledged His mother. (John 2:7)


When we see John 2, Christ has made his first miracle on earth. There is a wedding. There was not enough wine at the wedding. It would have been great if an important wine fell in the feast for the wedding. It cannot be bought in a hurry. A force majeure event has occurred. Jesus attended the wedding, and Mary, the mother, was also present. Maria would feel sorry for that situation. So Mary the mother went to her son Jesus and said to her. What do you mean? "They are now out of wine." Mary knew that Jesus was the one who raised and answered miracles. What did Jesus answer at that time? "It is not yet my time," he said. "I am not yet a timetable for a miracle." Mother Mary response is also great at this time. What would you do if you were usually a mother? Does my son not listen to me? You might think so. But Mother Mary just goes to the servants and talks to them. "Do what you say, obey," he said. It was Mary 's mother' s faith. Jesus heard the words of Mary's faith in the mother. Jesus, who heard the words of his mother, said in John 2:7, "Fill the jar with water, that is, fill the earthenware." As you know, the filling of the water has turned into wine. Jesus said, "It is not my time yet. It's not my timetable yet. "Why did it change though you said so? Why did you have a miracle when you said no? Why did Jesus change his mind? It was because of my mother. I did not disappoint my mother. What do you mean? What can you learn? What message are you giving us?


Jesus justified her mother Mary. Jesus recognized Mary as her mother's spiritual authority. Jesus respected his authority. Although Jesus was the Messiah, Jesus did not spare any careful attention to the rural woman's mother as a son. "Mother Mary is my mother". So the true efficacy of a person with the Gospel is to express respect for his mother in front of people. It is expressed in words, words, and body. The ramen here are hoping to be able to do that. I hope to have faith to do so. Challenge to be able to do that. There is no one at all. I am hurt. If you are confused or horrible by your parents, you may not be able to come out. Then pray to God. Pray that God will heal my wounds and give me strength to support my mother like Jesus. If a child disregards his or her parent, another person disregards his or her parents. But when I respect my mother, others will be able to respect her. So the man of Christ, the man of God, the man of the gospel, is to acknowledge his mother. Their parents are happy when they acknowledge their parents after God than anyone else in the world.


It was the 2014 NBA Finals. The Oklahoma City team won this time. Oklahoma's Kevin Durant was MVP. That's why it was a knave, and every time I played basketball, Miami's LeBron James always won MVP. So every time Kevin Durant voted MVP, he always came second. Eventually, in 2014, Kevin Durant beat James and won MVP. Kevin gave the award testimony to the MVP awards ceremony. Among the 25 minutes of speech, he had the most talk about his mother, Wanda Fret. After a few years in the second place, his mother finally cried with tears as he watched a son receiving MVP award. Kevin Durant sees Mike as he looks at his teary mother. "Mother, you gave us faith. Your mother protected you from the streets, clothed us, and always prepared food on the table. When you cannot eat, she has given us something to eat. She always sacrificed for us. "Then she said that you were the true MVP. The best basketball star made a confession in this broadcast on the whole country. "My mother is the MVP of our lives. Kevin Durant admits his love for his mother in front of people and expresses his respect. I acknowledged my mother in front of millions of people. That would be love for my parents. It is the story that Jesus did. This is the true Christian image.


3.     Christ who took care of His mother. (John 19:25-27)


Jesus took care of his mother to the end. Love is actually expressed through caring. Someone said. "Love is to take care of it." It means that as time has passed since childhood, parents took care of their parents. Jesus showed this situation. He was crucified and died in great pain. It appears in John 19. I looked at my mother at the last moment of the worst. What we are talking about is the Bible today. The Apostle pointed to John and said he was your son. I am already dead and gone. Your son is John, and how do you say it again? Jesus looked at the apostle John and spoke. It is your mother. He looked at his mother Mary and saw the apostle John and called him a son. He looked at his disciples and said to his mother, "I am your mother." What do you mean? In the last moments of his life, he asks John, a disciple who loves his mother, to take care of him. In the urgent moment, in a short conversation, the apostle John noticed. It is in John 19:27. It is your mother. She took her to her house and pledged her. Though he is now dead, he will ascend to heaven and leave, so that he will take over his life for the rest of his life, the apostle John. Loving a mother is actually taking care of it. It is to express love for mother through caring act. A word of comfort, a phone call to say hello, an allowance to be called mother Tsu, which is caring for the body. What is the true Gospel? I look after my parents and stand by my parents. My parents are happy when this happens. It is not the teaching of Confucianism that people in the world say. The Bible says. I hope you will understand, appreciate and care for your parents. This attitude of Jesus is completed by Jesus' cross gospel. Because he understood and recognized us, He gave us the cross and forgave us. Jesus understood us. Jesus acknowledged us. Jesus cares for us. That is the gospel of the cross. Details will be communicated in the local church message. With this gospel of the cross, we understand, acknowledge and care for another person. That part will be delivered through the local church message on Thursday and Friday.




We will conclude. What is the best expression to love your mother best? What is the greatest love? It is forgiving. Parents may not be easy to forgive for their existence. It was a few years ago. There was a woman who was a lawyer in the United States who was born in Korea. I took a seat and went to Korea to find my biological mother. It has been over 30 years and it was difficult to find her mother. I visited Korea 6-7 times and tried to get help. With the help of computerization, I eventually found my biological mother. But there was a problem. The mother said she would not see her daughter succeed. My adopted daughter wanted to see her quickly but she said she would not see it. The reason is, how can a sinner who has given up his daughter come to see a successful daughter now? I could not give a burden to my successful daughter. The daughter who heard the news was very sad. In the end, she wrote a letter in English, translated it into Korean, and sent it to her mother 's home. A heart-shaped letter changed the mind of the mother. "Mom, you are my only mother on earth. Because the only way that God made me to be born on earth is my mother. For that reason alone, you deserve to be my mother. "A mother who let her out and let her live in a strange land, but she forgave her mother for the idea of pathway of my life. The mother's behavior was not the standard, and the mother's existence became a standard for which she could be forgiven. What the mother is doing is allowing her lawyer's heart to be forgiven. Mothers are not condemned. Mother is not the object of judgment. I knew that it was the object to forgive, love, and care for. Then the relationship can be restored, the mother can be pleased, and God is pleased. The adoptive mother will be able to forgive her life's painful sins and restore her relationship with each other.


Today we speak through God's Word. Ephesians 4:32. Be kind to one another, have mercy on one another, and forgive one another, just as God forgives Christ. Forgiving your mother and forgiving others is as God forgives us. In other words, to forgive is to enter into Christ. I will resemble Christ. It is in Christ. So forgiving parents is the best gift to love their parents. This is the way to enter Christ and receive God's blessings. Today is Mother's Day. When I went up to Dallas, I heard about your pastor. His mother died because he was older than me. I felt sorry for myself because I could not express love to my mother. What is the use of regret after my mother's death? You should do well when you are alive. He said that. It is true. This time I exhort you in Christ for myself or for you. Please ask me. I hope you understand your mother. I want you to recognize and boast in front of people. Please pray for your old mother and parents. I sincerely accept and forgive you. That is God's will. Then the relationship will be restored and God will deliver the blessings between the spirits. I hope you all cry out in your heart. I hope I can express my heart that I love my mother.


Let us pray.


Dear God, we give You thanks. Let our mothers remember her Mother's week and look back on her parents' memories again. Let us love our parents in Christ, just as God loved us in Christ. Let us acknowledge and forgive our parents in the Lord, just as God has forgiven us in Christ so that we may bear witness of Christ in us. May God's kingdom come through us. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen