The 'Me' that Knows the Reason of Calling

July 1st, 2018

ICA Sunday Pulpit Message

July 1st, 2018

ICA Sunday Pulpit Message

The 'Me' that Knows the Reason of Calling

(Deut.18:15; Ac.7:37)



Who are we? If you look at the first page of your bulletin, we are the ones who save everyone. I would like to confess this all together, you are the summit that will save everyone. That is how you would greet them. If you look at the first page of the bulletin it says that you are the summit that will save everyone. That was the title of last weeks pulpit message. Today we will receive a new message. Before we receive the new message, I would like to confess it and greet another, You and I are the summit that will save everyone. Hallelujah. I will begin. Today’s title is the ‘me’ that knows the reason of calling. Who am I? its me that knows the reason why God has called me. Especially, today we will be looking at Moses. So, what did Moses do?


1.       Moses made great achievements that believers/non-believers can know

(Ex.14:21; Ex.34:28; Dt.10:4; Ex.40:33)

Moses made great achievements to the point where believers and non-believers knew. Moses is a figure recorded in the bible where believers know as well as non-believers. The life of Moses and the miracles that he preformed was not only known to believers but also to non-believers. Has anyone seen the film the 10 Commandments? Do you know the actor that played Moses? The famous actor was named Charlton Heston. He performed as Moses. Of course, non-believers saw that film as well. Later on, there was a Disney animated movie that came out about Moses. Do you know the title? The title was Prince of Egypt. I can see that Elder Victor has a heart of a teenager. Even though that movie didn’t deliver the content of the bible, they display the faith of Moses in the movie. The tremendous miracle when the Red Sea split and where Moses received the 10 commandments. Moses completed many renown tasks to the point where non-believers know. However, in number 2…


2.     But there aren’t many people who know the meaning of that great work.

(Rom.1:16; Rom.10:4; 1Cor.3:16)

But there aren’t many people who know the meaning of that great work. There also aren’t many people who attend church. There are 3 great things that took place. Moses completed works of splitting the Red Sea. Not just a book but, Moses received two stone tablet that recorded God’s 10 commandments. When Moses came out of Egypt, he completed the construction of the Tabernacle. The first work took place in Exodus where the Red Sea was parted. The second work was receiving God’s law known as the 10 commandments. It wasn’t some simple construction, but it was the Holy Tabernacle that God’s glory came upon. Then what is the meaning, the message, behind these works? This is what we need to find. When did they come out Egypt and perform Exodus? When they applied the blood of the lamb on their door post. That’s when they were able to come out of the forces of darkness. King Pharaoh captivated them, so the Israelites could not come out. The day of Passover, when they applied blood, that was when they were able to come out, escape and they were free. We need to know the meaning of this. This was accomplished for the Gospel and by the Gospel. The blood of the lamb represents Jesus who shed his blood on the cross. When they applied the blood of the lamb on the door post, it was representing the blood that Jesus was going to shed on the cross. Most people dislike the shedding of blood. They want to get rid of it even if its their own blood. Then why do I need the blood that was shed by Jesus many years ago? Without blood, we cannot be freed. It is because we are a being that needs God’s forgiveness. It is accepting that I need that blood and salvation. At that time, the spiritual eyes will be opened. You will be free from the curses of Satan. We will be free from the judgement from the world. It was symbolizing that we will be free from sin and judgement. Ahead of time, 1500 years later, it was foreshadowing that Jesus will die on the cross. Moses completed that work and that is why he was used and called by God. Because of this work, Moses became well-known and blessed. Is this true? Moses thought to himself, why was I called by God? Why am I being used by God? Then he realized, I am being used to display Christ who will come in the future. The victorious performance was not done by Moses nor did the Israelites receive training to receive that blessing. Those works only took place by the power of God. I hope you can believe that. It was the work of salvation done by Moses. For the Israelites, all they have to do was follow Moses. What is the conclusion in this? When we believe and follow Jesus Christ, we can receive the blessing of salvation. Before talking about the life of Moses, there is something we need to see. What is the salvation that is given by God and how can we receive it? Believe that you can receive salvation through faith. Some people say that we need to live and good life or we need to help others however, with our good deeds we cannot receive God’s salvation. As a saved person it is rightful for us to live a kind life. Through faith we receive salvation and there is nothing you can boast about. Is this true? The people of Israelites believed and follow Moses in their time of Exodus. Just like that, we need to follow Jesus Christ to receive God’s salvation. It is not by deeds and action that we receive by salvation nor do we lose salvation by deeds and actions. Believe and confirm that you receive salvation through faith. There is another thing we need to confirm of God’s salvation. God’s salvation is not only about going to heaven. That is only partial.


3.     The people of God knew that the reason why God called and utilized them

 (Jn.8:56; Dt.18:15; Ps.110:1; Isa.9:6; 2Pe.3:18; Jn.1:1~3; Ep.1:10; Col.2:2~3)

Salvation is about living this world as a child of God, through your life, you are revealing Christ who is inside of you. Is this true. It is a life receiving answers. You are displaying that Christ is inside of you and also that God is with you. Seek in my name and I will answer, and you will be filled with joy. Remain in me and my word and ask anything in my name. you have not asked in my name but from now on, ask anything in my name. You will receive answers and will be filled with joy. Living father God will answer our prayers. Through that experience, your faith will grow. Through that experience you will want to share the word of God. This is the posture of someone who knows the mystery of Christ. What does it mean to enjoy the mystery of Christ? What does that mean? The moment Jesus Christ enters inside of you, all your problems are finished. There is nothing else you can do. That is why you need to enjoy it. Is this true? Enjoy. You are discovering the answers and plans that God has already prepared for you. God, who saved us, is your true father. He is our eternal father and we are sons. We are guaranteed the enjoy the blessings of the throne. We are now unbelievable beings. If you truly realize who you are that you received salvation then, you cannot even fathom. All the problems that comes to your life will be a turning point in your life. Moses explained the power of salvation. Moses shared the message of Passover and God’s command. Moses was utilized to share the works and Christ who is to come. Moses knew that. Do you understand? I live a good life obeying rules and God gave me answers. This is not what Moses did. After completing the tremendous works, Moses is confessing in today’s passage, in the future, God will raise up a prophet like me. For you, don’t listen to me but, listen to who? Listen to his words and seek him and focus on him and enjoy him and be with him. Moses was oppressing this message to his people. After completing great works, Moses said to not look up to him but to look up to Christ who will come in the future. Stephen explains that a prophet like Moses will come, look for him. Moses knew why he was called by God. Why were we called by God? We need to discover that. My mother, who is over the age of 80, you need to discover that. Do you understand? Please do not pray for me this way that my only son became a pastor and that he pioneered a church. I hope that he can make a living. Do not pray this way. Even though I suffered all my life, Christ is everything. My only son is a pastor, help him to only speak of Christ. May my grandchildren enter inside the mystery of Christ. You need to realize that, that is how you need to pray. Do you understand? Majority of people believe in God because of their past experience, scars, or ideology. I confess that when I was in college I had serious spiritual problem. The name of Jesus who cured my spiritual illness is the reason why I believe in Jesus Christ. I experienced poverty. I thought if I went to church more God will give me more money. Then what happens when I become rich? What happens when my disease is cured? Are you not going to believe in Jesus? Standards must change. That is only the introduction. There are people who face democracy and believe in Jesus. They believe Jesus with that ideology. We need to let go of that. There are no right or wrong. There is no south or north. The gospel is everything. Hallelujah. Moses received the 10 commandments. What is the meaning behind this? The 10 commandments are ten laws from God. It is God’s law that is organized into 10 commandments. The first four commandments are about God and how we need to follow him. The remaining commandments we need to follow is regarding our neighbors and people around us. God in bedded his laws on to two stone tablets. Before entering inside the land of Canaan, they received the 10 commandments. Before God, Moses received the 10 commandments from God which means that he was inside of God’s glory. After receiving the 10 commandments, people said that Moses was filled with God’s glory. For us, whenever we receive an answer, blessing, or something good, how is our facial expression? You will look very refreshed and bright even though you may have no make up on. You cannot say it in words, but you can see that person is a little different. For Moses, the people could not look at him directly because his face was shining from God’s glory, so they covered his face with a towel. It was a glorious moment for Moses and it was that time when he receives the 10 commandments from God. 90% of people who go to church have a mis-understanding about the 10 commandments. Personally, I think its over 90% of believers. You will go to heaven only if you follow the 10 commandments. Right? You all follow after the 10 commandments. Right? Sister Krystal is disagreeing with me. I bless Mrs. Cook that she has a good daughter-in-law. The 10 commandment is a good thing and it is rightful for us to follow it however, you do not go to heaven following the 10 commandments. When you follow the 10 commandment you will receive salvation. That is saying you will receive salvation without Christ. It means that with your own deeds and righteousness, you will receive salvation. However, there is one condition, you should not have the original sin stated in Genesis 3. Is there anyone without the original sin? There is no one without original sin expect Jesus Christ. From their birth, every mankind has original sin. That is why it is recorded in Psalms 50, David is confessing this, I am born with a sin. My mother gave birth to me when she was a sinner. Everyone is born with the original sin. There is no one who can fulfill the 10 commandments. It is only Jesus Christ who came as a human being can fulfill the 10 commandments. You cannot receive salvation with the 10 commandments. Furthermore, you could ask this question; then why did God give Moses the 10 commandments? Why did he deliver the law to Moses? God did not give the 10 commandments as a standard of salvation. The 10 commandments were given to them before they entered inside the land of Canaan. The 10 commandments were given so they can base their lifestyle to the 10 commandments when they entered in the Land of Canaan. After receiving the 10 commandments, can the people of Israel follow it? God was trying to help them realize that they cannot follow by the 10 commandments. That is why God allowed us to do the blood sacrifice. The blood sacrifice is symbolizing who? What is the meaning behind the blood sacrifice? It is talking about Jesus Christ who will come in the future. What is the main goal of the 10 commandments? It is stated in Galatians; the law will make us realize why Christ came. Through this law, God will allow us to know that we are righteous. God gave the Israelites the law like something precious like gold. They want to live a good life shining like gold. That is the standard. It is the thing that they could compare themselves to. They failed and realized that they cannot live like that. After seeing and trying to follow the law, they realized God’s standard. God wanted the Israelites to ask, since we cannot follow this law, what should we do? Who is the one who completed the law? It is Jesus Christ. Do you understand? Since you cannot follow the law you should follow Christ who can follow the law. God wanted the Israelites to realize that they were weak and that they cannot follow the 10 commandments. Then what must they do? What kind of way has God prepared? God prepared the way, Christ. The 10 commandments were a tool for them to hold on to Jesus Christ. The 10 commandments main content and purpose was to reveal Christ. Do you believe in this? The 10 commandments are another process, but the conclusion and goal are Jesus Christ. To show Jesus Christ, that is why God gave them the 10 commandments. Moses realized that he has been called and utilized by God. Do you understand this? Moses performed the works of Exodus, miracle of splitting the Red Sea, and the glorious works of receiving the 10 commandments were all for the foreshadowing of Christ through Moses. That is why Moses told the Israelites that there will be another prophet like him and you must follow him because he knew Christ. Hallelujah. Do you understand? All these works took place to display the mystery of Christ. Another thing was the construction of the tabernacle. What does this represent? God told them to construct the tabernacle and told them how. He also gave them all the materials and measurements. God ordered that to Moses and Moses was the one who fulfilled it. It is stated that Moses obeyed the word of God and completed the word of God. After completing the holy tabernacle, what happened? The glory that shone on to Moses’ face, came upon the tabernacle to the point where the people surrounding the tabernacle could not stare at it. That is recorded in the last chapter of Exodus. Then what is this tabernacle? It is way to meet God, give worship to God, and a place to receive forgiveness from God. God’s fire, glory and voice is inside the tabernacle. What is this alluding to? Being forgiven, worshipping to God, hearing God’s voice, what is that? Whose name are we forgiven with? Whose name can we go before God. It is through Jesus Christ. The way to meet God is through Jesus Christ. Through the name of Jesus Christ, we are forgiven. God’s glory was upon who? It was upon Jesus Christ. Jesus said this to the tabernacle, get ride of this tabernacle and I will raise up a new tabernacle in 3 days. People who heard the words of Jesus said, it took us 40 years to build the tabernacle. How are you going to rebuild it in 3 days? What did Jesus say to those words? When he said that he was going to restore the tabernacle, it was referring to himself that he will resurrect after 3 days. The holy tabernacle completed is representing Jesus Christ. We who accepted Jesus Christ became the holy temple. Let’s organize the works that Moses completed. What Moses did was only displaying Christ who is to come in the future. This was the true reason why God called Moses. This is why Moses had no choice to give confession in Deuteronomy 18:15, The Lord your God will raise up for you a prophet like me from among you, from your fellow Israelites. You must listen to him. In the books of Acts it is talking about what Moses said in Deuteronomy. Was it only Moses that received God’s calling? No. All the figures in the bible were called by God for on reason which was to share the gospel of Christ. That is why they had no choice to confess Christ Jesus. What about for Abraham? In John, Jesus said himself, your ancestor, Abraham, believed in God that you will believe as well. How about Moses? What did he confess? Among you, a prophet will be raised up. Follow him and listen to him. King David confessed, it is recorded in Psalms, Lord he said to me. It says that God said to my lord. Then you can ask, isn’t God my Lord? It says that there is a creator God and my God. What does this mean? It means that, you must sit on my throne. The Holy Spirit said these words to the lord of David that you will sit in my throne. For how long? Until the days when your enemies are crushed. What does this mean. It means that Jesus Christ will crush the head of Satan. The body of Jesus representing the Church which will crush the head of the serpent. That is when Jesus will come for the second time. Do you believe in this? Isaiah gave this confession in Isaiah 7:14, the virgin will give birth to a son, and his name shall be Immanuel. In chapter 9 verse 6 most of the heresies hate this scripture. What does it say in Isaiah 9:6? For to us, a child is born and to us, a son is given. Who is that child? It is Jesus who will birth from a virgin. It says that the government will be on his shoulders which means he has authority, and he will be called wonderful counselor. He will be also called mighty God and the everlasting father, prince of peace. Hallelujah. He is not the son of God, but he is God. And the following verse states that he is the everlasting father. That is the power that Christ possess. All the heretic churches try to put this scripture away. It says that Jesus is the son of God and the everlasting father and the prince of peace. What does this mean? It means that there is a father and a son, and they are one being. The basic principal of the mind of mankind cannot understand this. This is the work of God and we are accepting that. The name of the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit. Do you believe in this? Jesus who came as a man is a renown individual. He came as a mankind, but he is our everlasting father. This is something that cannot be explain through the things of this world. Because we cannot fathom or understand it, we just call it the Triune God. The heresies say, I believe in the bible. I don’t believe things outside the bible. The word, Triune God, is it recorded in the bible? The word that isn’t in the bible and you believe it? You are heresy. That is why they are saying. Actually, it’s their lost. For you and me, I hope that we can enjoy the mystery of Christ. There are some people that ask if we receive answers to our prayers if we pray in God’s name or Jesus’ name. They are the same. The father and the some are one. Hallelujah. Apostle Paul said this, may you grow inside the knowledge of knowing Christ. This is the last sentence that Paul recorded. Apostle john also stated this, the word became flesh and remained inside of us. Inside of him is filled with grace and blessings. Paul confessed, inside of Him, all the knowledge, wisdom, and jewels are hidden inside of Him. What does this all mean. People of God, believers, saints, man of God, and Christians received salvation for one reason and that is because we have been called and being utilized. What does that mean? It means that through our life, we are revealing Christ who is inside of us. In order to reveal him, we must enjoy him. In order to enjoy him, we must realize. That is why before creation, God has selected us. Not only the individuals in the bible but to us, we have been called to enjoy and share the gospel and the mystery of Christ. For me, I tried to find salvation of God in other things. Because of poverty, I tried to find answers elsewhere. Some people they are lonely other may be wars or special ideology they have or diseases they have. Of course, Jesus is the answer to all problems. That is how people are holding on to Jesus Christ. A God that healed my diseases. A God that made me rich. A God who brought peace in my heart. A God who gave me love. That is where people will only remain in. That is why they are losing hold of the next blessings and plans that God has prepared for them. They are only barely experiencing God’s answers. They can’t even go inside the main content. I hope you can enter inside of the Gospel and Christ. You will be embraced by God. You will hold on to his warm hand. You will walk with him and run with him. With him, you will lie down in the pastures and enjoy fruits. Because of Christ, who is eternal, I received blessings. Do you believe in this? Before concluding the word, I would like to share 3 important bible verses. I hope you will hold on to these scriptures.



The first is John 1:3. What does it say? Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. Without him, nothing was made that has been made. So, all thing began with who? Through Christ. The starting point is Christ. Do you understand this? Everything started with Christ. Even angels, the garden of Eden, the lions, barking of the dogs, and even this chair. Do you believe in this? Even the existence of money. Even the love between a couple start with who? In order to explain Christ, everything started. Even money where people try so hard to gain is started with Christ. What is the reason why God gave us children? To realize the mystery of Christ. The bible is explaining that everything started with Christ. The second scripture is Ephesians 1:10. What does it say? It says, to be put into effect when the times reach their fulfillment to bring unity to all things in heaven and on earth under Christ. In heaven and on earth, that is everything. What does it mean to bring unity to all things? What does it say in the English version? Its say to bring unity to all things in heaven and on earth under Christ. What is the end of all things? It is Christ. The sweat that you shed. The knowledge that you gained. The love that you had. Your husband and your wife. Your children who you love. Our life will be aligned and in front of who? It will all be unified with Christ. All the things that you have done of this earth, the tears, the sweat, your efforts, everything will become one within Christ. Do you understand this? The beginning and the end is Christ. So, what is in the middle? That is why Paul confessed in Colossians that everything is contained inside of Christ. The knowledge and all the jewels. All the process is inside of where? Inside of Christ. All things began how and ends where? What about the process? Everything is inside of Christ. Then who is the Christ? It is Jesus who showed his love on the cross and he is sitting on the throne in heaven. He sent his Holy Spirit to rule over the world. The ones who sees him as the Christ they are saved. We call them believers. We call the ones who find the answers, saints. We call people who go to church Christians. I bless you that you will open your eyes to see all this. I hope you will receive the grace to have faith. I bless you that you will know why you have been called and to be utilized.   


Let us pray,

Father God I thank you. Thank you for loving me first. Thank you for forgiving me first. Thank you for letting me realize. In the beginning, I thought you were Jesus that related to Christmas. I thought it was one of the fathers inside of Christ. I only knew that Jesus was someone that I could not easily share with my friends. From today, help me to open my eyes. Help me to gain new sight, heart and mind. Help me realize that all things began with Christ. I realized today that through Christ, everything will come to pass in my life. Today I realized that everything will bring unity inside of Christ. May you open the door of heaven and give them realization to everyone who is participating in todays worship. Help me to become the ‘me’ who knows my calling. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen