The Water Came From The Temple

July 16th, 2017

ICA Sunday Pulpit Message



▶There are those who fail even though there are many people who help them, and there are those who triumph even if there is no one to help them. 


▶What must we plant into our important Remnants? 

How did Joseph and David survive on their own within their extreme hardships? We must teach that and learn it. 


▶Even now, God is doing three things. 

Even now, He is fulfilling His Word. We just need to remain within the flow of Word fulfillment. Even now, He is answering our prayers. We just need to be within the flow of answers. Even now, He is carrying out the ministry of salvation. That’s why we just need to remain within the flow of witnesses. 

We must always accurately hold on to the 3 today’s. 


▶We must help the Remnants open three eyes. 

1. We must first know the spiritual state of the world, me, and Israel and know the answer. (Ez 37:1-10)- Please open my spiritual eyes! 

1) He showed Ezekiel the dry bones. And He asked, “Can these dry bones live?” There is no need for us to be scarred by the words of people who are like dry bones. Ezekiel answered, “Lord, only You know.” 

2) “Prophesy the Word.”  Speak on behalf of the Lord. 

3) Prophesy to the breath.


▶The dry bones changed into a massive army. 

We must know the spiritual state. 

2. What must I do? – Help me to hold on to the Word and remain within the flow of the Word! (Ez 47;1-8)


▶We must hold on to the Word from the pulpit, but how must we hold on to it? God gives the Word through the worship -

1) And the water was ankle-deep, knee-deep, waist-deep, and chest-deep. Verse 5 says that the water was too deep so you had to swim in order to pass through it. In other words, we must entrust our body to the water and swim. Amazing works will begin if the Word of God takes hold of our Remnants and all of you. 

2) That water flows into the river and the ocean. (verses 6-8) The works arise where the source of life saves lives. We must teach this to the Remnants. We must open the spiritual eyes of our remnants. And we must teach them the strength of the Word. 

3) When this water flows into the river and sea, everything is revived. It even saves the fish of the sea.


▶We must help Remnants remain within the flow of the Word of life. 

3. How must we think and pray? (Ez 48:1-35)- Help me to be in the place that You desire! 

1) To discover the person God has created

2) To have victory through the God-given things 

3) So that the Remnants can go to the field God has created


♠Conclusion- Where must we be? 

1) Within the flow of the Word, the flow of Word fulfillment 

2) Within the flow of fulfillment   

3) We must remain within the healing of fulfillment. 


▶Remnants must receive healing in all areas this time. 

The living Word is our mentor. 

Lord, please open the spiritual eyes of our Remnants. May they remain within the Word of life and within the place You desire!