God who is looking for a True Worshipper

October 23rd, 2016

ICA Sunday Pulpit Message

God who is looking for a True Worshipper (Jn 4:21-24)


It’s good to see you. Greet those around you. Have you had a good week? Today’s title is, “God who is looking for a True Worshipper”. Now, you see the first death in the Bible. The older brother killed his younger brother. It has to do with a worship. Both Cain and Abel worshipped. However, God rejected Cain’s worship. Cain failed in worship, and killed Abel, who succeeded in worship. A long time afterwards, the Israelites escape Egypt and go through the wilderness. The first building that they construct is the tabernacle. That is where the presence of God is. The Israelites would give worship. After a while, David came along. What did he want? He didn’t want to defeat Goliath nor have victory in war. He had a desperate desire in his heart. He wanted to build a temple to worship God. He prepared everything. It was completed. After a while, we had the Early Church. In the Early Church, we had the first deaths of Ananias and Sapphira. The reason why they were killed off had to do with a matter of devotion after giving worship. After a while, the Mayflower brought the Puritans. They suffered a lot. They fought against the natives, as well as nature. They starved. The first building they built was not a house nor hospital, it was a church. In order to find freedom in their walk of faith, they built a church. That was the starting point of America. Rockefeller, he was a wealthy man. He gave a lot of devotion to the church building, then universities and charities. You’re supposed to get a conclusion in introduction. Satan reacted the most to the point where he causes murder in worship. On the other hand, God is pleased when we give our devotion to construct the church building where we can have a worship, so He blessed them. There are things that we see. Behind that, there are spiritual backgrounds which is invisible. Non-believers don’t know this, but it is troubling if believers don’t know it.

1.     The worship towards God has greater meaning than our thoughts

(1)    It is the goal of God who created mankind (Is 43:7)

(2)    It is the revelation of Christ who saved mankind (Jn 4:23-24)

(3)    It is the teaching of the apostle whose devoted for the salvation of mankind (Rom 12:1)

God created mankind. Why? It is Isaiah 43:7. “everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made." We are His creation and we have to go to Him. We have to glorify God. Why did He have people go to Him? It is not a talent contest. We are here to worship and praise Him. God is the greatest authority; it is the rightful thing for us to worship and kneel down for Him. That is our purpose. Our purpose is to worship God. He is the one who has the highest authority. People don’t do this. They haven’t lived that way. Your physical authorities are your parents and your mental authorities are teachers. Your spiritual authorities are your pastors. People aren’t exposed to this. My mother scolded me because I didn’t greet her. So, she is staying with me now. Even pastors don’t have this down to nature. Do younger students greet older students? They just stare at them. I understand. It is because they were not taught at home and church. They say that we are all equal. This is the reality. We are not trained to bow down before authority, we can’t do it before God. Everyone has to approach first and bow down to God and spiritual authorities as well. Then give thanks. If a person in a higher position bows down to a person in a low position, then that won’t work. There is a revelation of the Gospel in everything. You must worship your superiors. As a creation, you have to worship your creator. Then, God will pour down His blessings. There are those failed authorities. This is the time schedule when God is weighing you. Noah got drunk and behaved indecently. Ham saw his father’s nakedness and told his 2 brothers outside. However, Ham was cursed. But Shem and Japheth took a garment and laid it across their shoulders; then they walked in backward and covered their father's nakedness. Then, they received blessing. Suppose that God lets you meet a failed authority. This is a chance given by God. It is a time to slip into blessings or fail? Miriam criticized Moses for taking in another young wife. However, she was cursed after that. King Saul fell into jealousy and tried to kill David. However, David had a chance to kill him but didn’t. He covered the mistakes of Saul because Saul was his authority. God disposes of Saul and raises David. David was having an affair. He was criticized. There was an Assistant chief of staff for operations, “Ahithopel”. The lady who had an affair with King David was the granddaughter of Ahithopel. She had a grudge against King David and attacked him later. However, later Ahithopel commits suicide. What does that mean? Your authority’s characteristics are of no concern. It’s not because your authorities are better than you. They are ones whom God raises. When God tells you to go, then go. Is there any authority you don’t like? Just keep going with it and God will take care of it. That is the way to properly take revenge before God. Satan is trying to break away your authorities by using culture and atmosphere. Satan is revealing all the bad parts of American politics. We are not supposed to be deceived by corrupt politicians. You must obey Caesar because it is God’s will. We have no habit of worshipping God. Our purpose of existence is worshipping God. You must obey and worship. Jesus Christ saved us. He is the Christ. He gave them a revelation regarding worship. God is looking for the true worshipper. Why? It is in order to pour down glory of God. If you have glory, then what will happen? God will bless those who have His glory. You used to be weak, but God will give strength. Our church doesn’t have any extremely affluent people; however, we were able to pay off this building. It is all thanks to God. Suppose God’s glory is upon your children. They turn out well in all aspects. Without God’s glory or grace, they won’t listen and be disruptive during worship. They will fall into a failed lifestyle. Do not blame your children. God is not pouring down glory. Hold onto God, not your children. Children are your reflection. Make a realization that they are reflecting you. Do not say anything. They are still determined to not listen to their parents, they will do the opposite. Pray. Do fasting prayer. Do devotion prayer. Have you not met weird people? They don’t change. God will change them. Christ is looking for the true worshipper. “Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks.” At that moment, the work of creation and re-creation will take place. God is the spirit, and those who worship will worship in spirit and truth. God is looking for those who are seeking spiritual things. The 2nd leaders training ended on Friday. The speaker requested to have a conversation with Remnant leaders. Pastor Ryu is trying to make a network of Remnant leaders. I told everyone above high school to go. As the heart of a father I didn’t want to reject anyone. One middle school kid wanted to go there. I was surprised. I repented. I would think that this kid is too young. This remnant wanted to go. I took that Remnant in. I believe. I believe that this Remnant isn’t going to that meeting to make trouble. I believe that this Remnant wanted to receive grace. God is looking for that kind of person. May you adore worship. This is the revelation that Jesus revealed regarding a worship. Apostle Paul did the works of God. In Romans 12:1, “Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God--this is your spiritual act of worship.” We must have all our life set to God. The Holy spirit is within us. We have no choice but to live with God. That is the life we devote with our body. That is the living Sacrifice. We are supposed to give our life with the spirit of worshippers. Do you understand? Especially, study with the spirit of worshippers. You must make a couple who receives God’s glory. Health, finance and future generation are your areas in which you must receive blessings from God. You have to be healthy to do anything in life. You need finances to engage in activities and give offerings. You must receive blessings of descendants. How? Men and women have to be one. Then, you gain that blessing. Do you believe? God has prepared. If you have a heart of a worshipper, that blessing will come. May the young adults study within the heart of worship. Because they are not able to do that, they fail and leave church. Do it before God. Do it with the heart of worship. This is serious and critical.

2.     We must learn from the people who failed in worship

(1)    Cain’s worship (Gen 4:1-8)

(2)    Israel’s worship who waited for Moses (Ex 32:1-10)

(3)    Ananias and Sapphira’s worship (Act 5:1-5)

We are not trying to follow people’s opinion. We have to find examples of people in the Bible. There are people who failed in worship, like Cain in Genesis 4. Why? Is it because he lacked integrity? Cain prepared a lot more than Abel. Abel brought a lamb, while Cain brought a lot of food. Cain prepared a lot more diligently. The answer is written in Heb 11:4. “By faith Abel offered God a better sacrifice than Cain did. By faith he was commended as a righteous man, when God spoke well of his offerings.”  It was the blood that God wanted. It is not the random offering through effort. It is the blood of Christ. Do you believe? If you worship without the Gospel, you will fail. Only rely on Christ. He never changes. Pastors and elders change. You may say things that pastors and elders change. Everyone changes. If you lack endorphins, you will change. Only Christ does not change. In Heb 13:8, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” Cain lost that. He failed. In Exodus 32, there is another great incident. They walked through the wilderness. God called Moses. He goes up to the mountain and does fasting prayer. The Israelites were waiting. They were anxious. They were about to go against him. They built a golden calf. It’s not that they determined to worship this cattle. They said that they would worship gods who brought them up out of Egypt. They were making idols and took it as gods. What does this mean? These idols take a limited space. They could move that where they want. It is limited by the ability of mankind. That’s why the 2nd Commandment says to not make idols. God is a spirit and is invisible. He is a being who can transcend time and space. The worship that limits God will not be accepted. God can do it. God is almighty. Even though mankind cannot forgive one another, God will forgive. God’s love and power is unlimited. How must we worship? We are coming to worship this almighty God. We hear this voice of God. We come to hold onto the covenant throughout the week. God will not accept any worship that limits Him. He was furious with the Israelites. He made Moses remarry and restart. Through the intercessory prayer of Moses, he barely avoided a crisis. May you look up to the infinite power of God. It is God who will raise you. God will change anyone. God’s ability is unlimited. That day and place will come. We must look at the New Testament with Ananias and Sapphira. When they were worshipping, they had an emotional conviction. One other worshipper, Joseph, made offerings and devotions. They thought that they should do it also. With his wife's full knowledge, he kept back part of the money for himself, but brought the rest and put it at the apostles' feet. Through Peter, God expresses His fury. With one word of Peter, God takes the life of Ananias. You might ask if God kills people just because of an offering. It is because they were not able to take off their motives during worship. God would not do it now, because He would have to kill everyone. He will not accept worship with motives. You must be able to learn from these 3 examples. It is only the Gospel, the power and sovereignty of God. you must follow the reason of God.

3.     We must learn from the people who succeeded in worship

(1)    Abraham’s worship (Gen 22:8-18)

(2)    Israel’s worship who obeyed Samuel’s command (1Sam 7:5-12)

(3)    The Antioch church’s worship and Mark’s Upper Room worship (Ac 1:14, Ac 13:1-13)

Abraham was called by God. He built an altar. He succeeded in person worship. However, his faith slipping many times. After some time, Abraham succeeded in worship and gained a child. However, later God commanded Abraham to offer his son as an offering. If you look at Genesis 22, he doesn’t reject that. He follows God’s command. God then stopped him right before kilim him. God prepares a lamb and Abraham gives it as a burnt offering. It is amazing. How is this possible? He obeyed worship right away. Their future generations were successful. How was he able to obey right away? He had 1 heart. It was the “only” If you have 2 hearts, then you will have motives. I was supposed to give Pastor Kim a ride at 4 AM to the airport. It was up late that night until 1 AM. I wondered if I should sleep or stay awake, but I just fell asleep. I woke up at 5. However, God prepared a lay leader and remnant took that pastor to the airport. My wife told me not to do this kind of work and to just tip them. Pastor Kim told me that he made it to Chicago. If there was no one who gave him a ride, I would’ve made a grave mistake. I had 2 hearts conflicting on whether or not to sleep. I bless that you will have 1 heart. God will bless your future generation. We must also learn from Samuel’s worship. 1 Samuel 7 talks about how he gave the Israelites a command. They had the Mizpah movement. They had a conflict with the Philistines. The land is very basin. The Israelites must have been eliminated, but they started to pray. God makes miracles and wipes those Philistines away. Do any one of you need miracles? Give the worship of Mizpah. It is the worship of transcending situation and circumstance. When you say that you can’t go to worship because of excuses, then God will not pour down miracles. If you want true worship and miracles, then give worship. In the New Testament, how were they able to gather in Mark’s upper room? Before the promise of Jesus falls down, do not leave Jerusalem. The Holy Spirit takes place and their prayers are answered. Jesus said to make disciples of all nations. The Antioch church was truly and international church. The Israelites were at odds with the Greeks. Even Africans were there at Antioch. You see that most churches have only 1 skin color. The true church is where all colors gather. They knew how to form oneness. I am very proud of our congregations because we have diversity. We must form a group. God will utilize the worship of oneness. When God tells you to gather, you must have oneness. God will pour glory.


In John 4, there was a Samaritan lady. Jesus came to her. How was she like? She had unspeakable memories. That’s who we are. Jesus came to her and made her realize. He gave her healing and freedom. She used to go to the well by herself. She didn’t want to meet others. She used to hide and now she is sharing the name of Christ. This is the worship when Jesus comes to you. She had concerns regarding worship. It doesn’t matter what kind of past you have. It is only within the word and Holy Spirit. It doesn’t matter what kind of appearance you have. As long as you have the Holy Spirit, then God will make you realize. God will give you the joy of healing and freedom. God will raise you. Doors of evangelism will open. That is the blessing of worship.


Dear God, we give thanks. May we enjoy the mystery of worship. May we worship with the word and the Holy Spirit and may we obey with one heart. May we transcend people’s voices and environment. In our congregation, we have many languages and skin colors. We have different cultures. Transcending that, may we have oneness. May your glory be upon us. May you baptize us with the Holy Spirit. May you be glorified. In Jesus Christ name, we pray, Amen.