Three Types of Health

October 30th, 2016

ICA Sunday Pulpit Message

Three Types of Health (3 John 1:2)


It’s good to see you. Greet those around you. Have you had a good week? Today’s title is, “3 Types of Health”. Today is the athletic day. There is a reason for that. It’s a time to check up on your health and have oneness as a congregation. We must give thanks for our health. I am thankful for the young adults who prepared this event. I am grateful for everyone who provided the meals and equipment. Your health can be utilized by God. Even if you want to volunteer somewhere, you need good health. We see a lot of sad things around us. Jesus saved the Nazarite who was diseased, but He didn’t use him as a disciple. However, Peter was used by Jesus. This is telling us how vital health is when it comes to discipleship. Today’s scripture is given to Gaius, who is the provider. Gaius helped a lot of people. He was healthy and may you have that same blessing. We must hold onto the confidence of being healthy. We are going to see what kind of Covenant we can hold onto. A lot of people say that they’re unhealthy or have difficulties. Perhaps you get sick often. Maybe you have family or finance problems. Some people may be struggling with their spiritual lifestyle, they might go to church but they don’t receive grace. In other words, there are 3 types of diseases. There are spiritual, mental and physical diseases. You may have a question. Can you be healed from these diseases? Suppose you went to a hospital because you are sick. They may ask how can you pray and be healed. Therefore, you must discover the spiritual principle to be healed. We are supposed to be fundamentally healthy.

1.     Beloved, ~as it goes well with your soul – Spiritual health

In order to be healthier, you have to be healthy in your faith. If you feel completed in this area, you will be successful in your life and utilized spiritually. In order to receive help from our fundamental health, we must uncover the word of God. it’s talking about spiritual health. Spiritual health must come first. Then everything else, will come. This is the power of the Gospel. We must know this accurately and enjoy this. The Bible has many people who uncovered the power of the Gospel. We will take a look at Joseph. God was with him. That means that everything is efficient in the Gospel. Everything is sufficient in the blessing of salvation. We will look at David. In Psalms 23, he confesses that the Lord is his shepherd and that he has no lacking. 1 Kings 19, Elisha followed Elijah. He abandoned everything and followed Elijah. He was confessing that the Gospel was enough. We can also look at people who did not enjoy this Gospel. Esau said that he didn’t need the birthright nor the power of God. He believed in God, but he needed something else. You will know what happens to his descendants. In the book of Obadiah, they completely collapsed. We will also look at Joseph’s brothers. We can take a look at King Saul. The Jewish people prioritized themselves. We should take those people as lessons. We are going to take a look at Gaius and see his own spiritual health. Jesus was doing His ministry. Gaius was a person who was devoted behind Jesus. After Jesus ascended into heaven, he served Apostle John. When Paul was persecuted, He served Paul. That’s why Paul confessed that he was the host who was with me as an evangelist. He was the lay leader of lay leaders who realized the Gospel. I bless that you will find a way to find spiritual health.

2.     ~ all may go well with you – Mental health

It talks about mental health. Within spiritual health, all is going well within mentality. There are many mysteries that God has given us as blessings. It’s a blessing of salvation that we received within Christ. In John 1:12, it talks about how whoever accepts Christ has the authority to be a child of God. We have the identity and authority in Christ. In that verse, there are 3 amazing strengths in identity. The Holy Spirit works inside of you. It is with you. It is power. The Holy Spirit dwells in you, guides you and fulfills in you. Utilize its authority when you pray in the name of Christ. All the forces of darkness will crumble. We will receive answers through the help of heavenly armies and background of heaven. Within this blessing, we will have the blessing of world evangelism. God allows us these 7 blessings. If you Remnants realize this, you will be like Paul. The same goes for you adults who have businesses. You will gain prosperity. Within this blessing, you will have a sense of specialty. How much success do you need? What is success? What makes you successful? All the abilities that you own are rubbish. All the things that you think of as success are rubbish. Our goal is not success. Our goal is to save the successful people. In this world, many people deny God’s existence. Those successful people who deny God will eventually have spiritual problems. We must be the ones who save and go with them. This is the covenant we must have as Remnants. The remnants are the elites with good spiritual and mental health. That’s the plan that God desires. God is saying that all may go well with you. May the Remnants hold onto the Covenant.

3.     ~ you may be in good health – Physical health

Are there people in here who are worried about their physical health? We must go into deep meditation spiritually. With that deep meditation, you will restore your spiritual and mental health. With that deep meditation, you will be healed from your diseases. May you make a resolution and start praying. When you wake up in the morning, have a deep prayer of meditation. With your own lips, confess the name of Christ. During the day, hold onto the pulpit message. You will be guided by the Spirit spiritually and physically. You may have meeting with someone. Pray so that you will be able to evangelize them. By doing that, you will be able to see yourself and how you are changing. I bless you in the name of the Lord to have restoration of spiritual, mental and physical health. I am not just telling you to have a good life. you must look at the field. There are many people who are dying and are struggling. You must save them.


If you truly realize the Gospel, then you won’t need yourself. Your thoughts will be an afterthought. God will be your background. Your personal prayer topics will be useless after you realize the Gospel because God will provide you new ones. You can transcend yourself. Your stubbornness will be your own message. God will provide the 3 health for you. If you realize this, your order will change. The Gospel that we have is everything and sufficient. Everything else will follow. May you save this age.


Dear God, we give thanks. May we have spiritual health within the Gospel. May you pour down the spiritual health that Gaius had. May we be mentally healthy within the identity and authority given by You. May we have success so that we may utilize to save elites of the world. Through the apostle, we are now receiving this pulpit message. Through meditation, may we have restoration spiritually, mentally and physically. May you guide us and receive the Holy Spirit. I give thanks and pray in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.