The Son Heals, So May the Sons Be Healed

April 2nd, 2017

ICA Sunday Pulpit Message

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It’s good to see you. Greet those around you. Have you had a good week? Today’s title is, “The Son heals, so may the sons be healed”. Jesus Christ is the most famous person. We have concluded that Jesus is the most important. The leaders of this world aren’t vital. We have concluded that Jesus is the most important person in our life. Natural disasters aren’t vital. If there are disasters, then pray. If there are tornadoes, check your house for leaks. There is nothing more vital to us than Christ who died and resurrected. Our pride isn’t vital. It doesn’t matter. If someone ignored you, then it doesn’t matter. You should be like Jesus and be thankful. A shepherd would shave the fur of the sheep. The sheep don’t like that but it happens anyway. The Lord knows that all you have to do is seek Him. There are reasons why we need to praise God louder than the sound of thunder. He saved us. He healed us. That is today’s title. “The Son Heals, so may the sons be healed.” The Son is Jesus Christ. God’s Sons and His sons are us. He will open the doors of heaven to heal us. I hope that you will be healed spiritually. All the diseases of your heart and mind will be healed. All your illnesses will be healed. There was an international stat about diseases. Over 200 nations studied over 300 diseases from the 1990’s to 2010. The studied it for 20 years. The diseases that increased the most were AIDs, depression and back pain. North America, Europe and Japan suffer from dementia. There are people who are sick here. You will suffer if people close to you are sick. Nowadays, mental diseases are prevalent. We are sons of God who have been saved through Jesus Christ. How can we think of it? We need to find answers. If you have a cold, take medicine. If you have a disease, then go to the hospital. Starting from today, you need to be guided by the Holy Spirit. Despite the fact that medical science has developed and life expectancy has risen, people have great interest in their health because incurable diseases have become prevalent. That’s why we have to seek God. God has the power to heal all diseases. He is Almighty. There is 1 more reason. God sent His Only Son Jesus Christ to suffer on the cross. Therefore, we can be healed. It is written in Is 53:5, “and by his wounds we are healed.”  We have the right to be healed. God knows everything about us. He knows where we lack and where we have advantages. He has allowed us to come out of death and allowed us to heal. We have the right to be healed. How can we use that right?

1.     First, kneel down to Christ who is the Son of God (Mt 8:2)

(1)    Christ is the one we worship

(2)    Christ has the absolute sovereignty

(3)    The Lord desires more than you desire

One leper came before Christ. Jesus is with us through the Holy Spirit. Why do we need to kneel before Him if He is in us? We need to rightfully do so because He is our Lord and Christ. When we kneel down and glorify Him, there is a vital spiritual principle. When you praise someone, you are lifting Him up. You also confess that if you worship someone, you are submitting yourself to Him. The Lord is higher than myself. Water flows from top to bottom. God’s blessing comes from heaven. When you worship Him, you are confessing that He is above you. When you set that relationship, His healing and answers will come. You still need to acknowledge and worship Him, even if you don’t receive answers because salvation is tremendous. We need to continually praise and worship Him. We need to think about how much we lift up Christ’s name during a day. Think about whether you lift up His name during conversations with others. Do you acknowledge Christ? Did you think of Christ when you make decisions? When you are going somewhere, did you think about who Christ is? There are many times when I was moved by circumstances. I never thought of Him when I would do things. I need to change. I bless that you will participate in this as well. At that moment, healing will take place. Answers will come. Do you believe? No one else is as vital as Him. His death and resurrection are the most important. When people want to go eat or fight, just go along with it. Ask for forgiveness. When someone is criticizing you, just say that you are like that. Nothing is more important. It is recorded in today’s passage. "Lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean." He has the power to heal us and the sovereignty to not do so. We also need to think about His sovereignty. Non-believers don’t think about that. Why do wars break out and evil people live well? This is how non-believers respond when we share the Gospel. However, we have different things. God has complete His plan and time schedule. Also, He is even working now. People who believe in this have a sense of God’s sovereignty. God will fulfill them. When you believe in those things, you will believe in His sovereignty. Believers who have no faith live like non-believers. Pray that they will gain faith. Pray for them to have the faith to believe in God. Then, God will allow them to have incidents. When you have problems, you may be frustrated. Your problem isn’t greater than the suffer of Christ on the cross. That’s why you need to confess the fact that Jesus is your Christ. Enlarge your faith to believe in Him who allows problems. Restore the faith of Christ, who has solved your problems. You have the faith to believe God’s sovereignty. “If you are willing, you can make me clean” Those who believe His sovereignty should be healed. In today’s passage, He healed many. He has a sincere heart to heal others. He suffered to heal us. You also need to know that Jesus has a greater heart to heal us. You need to confess. “May your hands touch my scars!” God will heal us.

2.     May the Lord’s hand touch your scars (Mt 8:3)

(1)    Open your everything to the Lord who is the doctor

(2)    Rely on Lord’s pity who touches your affected area

(3)    The more you entrust to the Lord, you will receive complete healing

Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man. "I am willing," he said. "Be clean!” Who is Jesus touching now? Jesus was touching the Leper. This is something that we cannot do easily. If you don’t shower, people will say you smell. However, Jesus touched the Leper and healed him. Before God, we need to open and reveal our scars. We have entrusted Him with it. Then, He will heal us. What does it mean to reveal yourself before Christ? Your body belongs to Christ. You need to entrust everything to God. You need to surrender yourself to Him, then, He will heal you. Sins and curses happened because of Genesis 3. It was the disease of selfishness. They didn’t think about God. They didn’t wait for His guidance. That’s why they had no choice but to have diseases. Just pray before God if you have diseases. Just pray to God to reveal your self-centeredness. He will hear your prayers. Also, you need to challenge. God is your background. He is the owner of all creation. God who controls life or death is your Father. No one can block His time schedule and plan. He is my Father. The moment you pray with your changed mind and thought, everything will heal. The Son entrusted everything to the Father, you need to do the same. The Son heals, so sons can be healed. The moment you enter inside the time schedule, miracles will take place. Today’s scripture reading, a leprosy was healed. When you discard your self-centeredness and thoughts, everything will heal. When people are selfish, they think about their own stories. They often compare themselves with others. Get rid of it. If God blesses someone, then acknowledge it and say, “Amen”. If they did something wrong, then acknowledge it and pray for them. Some people might ask God why there are at a loss. God will take care of you in the future. As the saved people of God, they were all at a loss. God will answer them greatly. I hope that you will realize this. We need to say that God will work through them. All you have to do is say, “Amen”, and accept that God will utilize them. God has allowed to face hardships to use you. This is the true confession that we need to have as sons of God. God is the only one who rightfully receives our worshipping and praising. No one can touch the working of God. He has the right. When God works, acknowledge it. After that, Satan will flee. Works will take place. I hope that you will receive all the answers.

3.     Now, return to the lifestyle as the Sons of God (Mt 8:4)

(1)    You will find priority in life

(2)    You will Find God’s order, and the church’s authority

(3)    You will give testimony of God’s evidences with thanksgiving

Return to the lifestyle as the Sons of God. “Immediately he was cured of his leprosy.” In verse 4, Jesus told him, "See that you don't tell anyone. But go, show yourself to the priest and offer the gift Moses commanded, as a testimony to them." Jesus told us what to do first. Last week, we looked at 3 things. Seek the Gospel, raise disciples and build the church. God will work when you prioritize His kingdom and His righteousness first. Regardless of your problem or situations, if you have a priority for God, He will have faith toward me. When we were saved first, we gave our confession of faith to Him. At that moment, the door of blessing was open for us. After that, God will bless us if we live a walk of faith centered on Him. When you have a lifestyle of the Son, you are His son. I bless that you will be successful in the lifestyle that He wants. “Go to the priest and give offerings.” There is God’s order in all creations that He made. When you get out of His order, things will happen. When you put your fame and passion in His order, all goes well. In Genesis 1, God created the heavens and earth. The exact specifics aren’t important. When there needed to be light, there was light. The birds need to fly and the fish need to swim. When you are in your rightful position, then God is happy. Answers will come to you. Inside of the church, you need to follow His orders. When you want to date someone, tell the pastor first. Because our Remnants grow up without spiritual inheritance, they have no choice but to follow the way of world. They might wonder why they need to report their relationship. Normally, they should. Most people make a decision first and report it. If you have something in mind, then pray and ask your spiritual authorities. If you have already decided, then share that word to be guided. Pray together with the pastor. Jesus said to offer the gift Moses commanded. It means that you need to testify that God blessed you. It means that you need to testify so that God’s glory will be revealed. This is the lifestyle as the Son of God. If God wants you to get a doctorate, a job or get married, then do it to give Him glory. God will work and bless you.


Those who receive healing will be able to heal the souls in the field. When I have scars, I try to avoid it. However, today, God is telling you to bring your scars to God. Open your physical and mental diseases to God. Acknowledge it and confess that.  “I was in a field of scars and even now. Also, you allowed me to happen to realize something. I realized the fact that how much suffer it is that Satan brings. That’s why I need to seed God only.  And, you finished all through Jesus Christ. I realize that all these things don’t matter.”  You have to confess your faith and you will have victory. Those who receive healing can embrace the souls in the field. In this place, many people experience many things. Many worry about it. They try to control it. Those things are allowed by God. People say that it is not what God wants. People say that those things should not happen. People would want revenge. God has allowed these things to happen. You need to realize why. God allows you to see that. When Satan works, people can crumble. That pain is immense. God is trying to raise me through the problems that He allows. He is trying to raise me to heal people who have the same problem. God will work through us to save others. He is trying to heal us. As Sons of God, we have no choice but to be healed. Let us pray.


Those who have physical illnesses need to acknowledge that Jesus was beaten because of you. You may have diseases in your heart and mind. You have to acknowledge the illnesses in you. It is not yours. God has allowed it to happen so you can realize it. We can only be healed through God. Realize that Jesus has finished on the cross. Through small or big things, you need to reveal the scars in your heart. Open it so God can touch it. The power of healing will come to you. God’s peace will be upon you. The more you accept it, the more God’s power will come upon you. The evil spirits will flee. The message you share with your lips will be shared with others. In the midst of many things, God will heal your scars. Close your eyes and look for God. Believe that God has allowed those scars to happen. With your heart, try to seek God. There are many hidden things. You acknowledge that God has allowed you to pass through all things. “God, I worry about my living and I have scars regarding that. I have bad interpersonal experiences. I have scars and worries. I have a heart that wants to receive goodness from others. I dislike it when I am ignored. Because I have failed in my life and family, I have a need for success. Desperation is in my heart. I also have a disease in my heart of being quick-tempered. I have been saved. I sometimes reject your sovereignty. I have a disease of not following your greatness because of my surroundings. Please heal me. Help me to have your faith.”

Lord, I give thanks. I praise the fact that Christ finished everything on the cross. Help me to be conscious of everything with Jesus. From now on, help me to see the importance of the Holy Spirit. Help us to discard everything. Help us to enter inside the time schedule of Christ. Help us to restore everything in the field and save people. Help us to put down selfishness.  Help us to discard and get rid of my motives that compare. Help us to restore and enjoy ourselves as a new creation. Allow us to be renewed. Allow non-believers to see us as Sons of God. Help us to hold onto priority that you desire. Help us to take Your order preciously and use your power. I give thanks and pray in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.