Past 30 Years and Meeting of Witness

July 30th, 2017

ICA Sunday Pulpit Message



▶How have we come these past 30 years and how can we head towards the next 30 years? We just need to go as witnesses. Ro 16 records the names, nicknames, and important answers of those who evangelized the world. One of those answers is that God will crush Satan under your feet. In other words, this means that God will grant complete victory over Satan. 

You need to know the reason to have victory. We must make Satan kneel and surrender. That is a witness. 


▶Paul said that nothing can cut us off from the love of God. No one can snatch you away from the hand of God. Ro 8:1-39. He has set us free from the law of life. No one can cut us off from the love of Christ. We are witnesses of this. 

What kind of evidence do we have? 


1.      Witnesses who have the mystery of long ages past that no one teaches (Ro 16:25)


▶If you are a witness of this, then it’s over. Hidden for long ages past… You are witnesses of this. There is no reason for you to be shaken. Do not be deceived and have victory. All Remnants must change all their scars into platforms for blessings. Because God has revealed to us the mystery hidden for long ages past, we will evangelize the entire world. 


2.      Witnesses who have the mystery of the hidden today that no one can help us with (Ro 16:26)- Now revealed and made known. 


1)     Starting now, all Remnants and believers must discover the “only” in the Gospel. Why? Because it absolutely exists. God has prepared the “only” that you can do. May you find and enjoy that. Because the Gospel that you have is “only” you can discover the answer of “only” everywhere. You must look at that and discover the me that God has created. 


2)     God has prepared things just for you. The answer that others cannot receive will come. This is the answer of uniqueness. It is finding what is mine that God has prepared. This is you answer and the answer of the Remnants. 



3)     What follows is the answer of re-creation. It is “my field” that God has prepared. 


▶No one, not even the strongest person in the world, can snatch you away from the hand of God. Why? Because no one can defeat God. No one can take you away from the hand of Christ because no one is stronger than Christ. That is why you can stand as a witness. 


3.      Witnesses of the eternal future that no one can block (Ro 16:27)


▶If you hold on to this, the forces of darkness will surrender before you. 

1) No one can block the sovereignty of God. 

2) No one can block God’s glory. 

3) The background of the throne is eternal. Wherever you go, God’s kingdom will come. You must see that. 


♠Conclusion- If you can see this, everything will become different. 

1) You already have the victorious status. 

2) You have the authority that can overcome, even in the future. 

3) Satan will kneel in submission before you. 


▶What will happen if you hold on to this covenant? God will use you, your business and your church as a landmark. 

Conquer the world with God’s power. Arise by the power of God and save those who are dying. You are witnesses of this. I bless you in the name of Jesus that the blessing of a witness will be upon you.