Gospel of Solution

September 25th, 2016

ICA Sunday Pulpit Message

Gospel of Solution (Gen 45:1-15)


It’s good to see you. Greet those around you. Have you had a good week? Today’s title is, “Gospel of Solution”. The easy life does not exist. Our life is filled with problems. The only place where there are no problems are burials. It means that you are dead if you have no problems. The people without problems are actually dead. If you come to the point where you say that you don’t have problems, you need to be careful. It almost means that you have become valueless and have come close to your death. We have concerns, it represents how alive we are. In our lives, when we resolve our problems, then we feel worthy. There are certain people who are confident. It is because they are aware of their ability to solve problems. Today, society can be harsh. There is a heightened sense of anxiety as people are trying to make a living. When there is work to be done, people say that they want a vacation. Let us say that you are relaxed and the period of rest becomes prolonged. You might find yourself missing work. People always wish for no problems. If it goes away, they will end up missing it. The world will be boring. Too many problems are toxic. However, a healthy amount of stress brings about concentration. The right amount will be a source of motivation. The reason why people are stressed is because they have so many problems to solve on their own. When you look at your list of problems, you need to prioritize them by importance. Then, it will be easier to solve. The elites of the world would teach us to solve the most basic and fundamental problems first. I think that they are correct. Honestly, if you look at urgent problems, they’re not that urgent. They think it is urgent and fall into it. They lose ahold of what’s really urgent. When you are prioritizing problems, you need to distinguish what is really urgent. This is what the elites are teaching. We are the ones who need to save them. To what extent must our perspective go as a child of God and a leader of the Gospel? When you realize this and hold onto it, you will be undefeated. Sincerely, you need to find your own method and make that into your own. In today’s scripture, we read about Joseph. We all know about him. He is a person of victory. There are so many movie moments.

1.     Joseph held onto God’s covenant and his problems were solved

(1)    He was nearly killed by his brothers, and they sold him as a slave in Egypt

(2)    He lived as a slave in Egypt and unfairly went to prison

(3)    He gained the authority to become the prime minister of Egypt, and all of his problems were solved

Joseph received the solutions to all his problems. He had many problems. His brothers almost killed him in a well. He was solved as a slave in Egypt. Most people would’ve lost their mind. We need to also look at why these problems occur. First, his father was Jacob. He had multiple wives, so Joseph had many brothers. Jacob had Joseph when he was old and he loved him very much. He only gave the best clothing to Joseph. That is the reason why His brothers were always envious of him. In Genesis 37:2, it says the brothers would be shepherding the sheep. Sometimes, they would do bad things when they aren’t being watched. Joseph would see that and tell his dad, Jacob. What did Jacob say? He rebuked his brothers so they got mad. They persecuted Joseph so much. Joseph had a dream. He had 2 sets of dreams and shared it. What kind of dream was it? He said that in his dream your field was in front of me and their harvest was bowing down to mine. It should be the younger bowing to the older. He had a 2nd dream. He said that the sun, moon and stars were bowing down to me. The brothers were angered. They thought that they couldn’t let him be like that. They throw him into a well. They want him to fall. This is what the Bible records. The well had no water. Maybe God allowed the water to evaporate. He should’ve died but he didn’t. God’s work takes place. He changes the heart of one of the brothers. They suggest that they sell Joseph as a slave. Because of his brothers, Joseph almost died and was sold off as a slave. Human trade is a scary thing, but to be sold by a family member? Even if you have a bad relationship with your brother, but if you are sold by them, it would drive you crazy. He was imprisoned as well. Going through many trials, he was established as the governor of Egypt. He ruled over the land. At that time, the famine took over the land. That is the reason why the family members of Jacob travel and are met by Joseph. In the beginning, he didn’t reveal himself. Then he did, and all his problems are solved. Just as he had dreamt, all had come true. That is how all of his problems were solved. What’s the mystery? We must uncover that. in Genesis 39, it talks about how God was with Joseph, He dwelled with him. Other people witnessed his prosperity. First, you must receive answers.  He was in the answers of prayer and evangelism. Therefore, if you could enjoy Immanuel, you could receive answers to prayer. Everything will be finished. This is the first key. You need to be with God. The evidence is prayer being answered. This is called Immanuel. How was this possible for Joseph? It is because the covenant that he received from his dream. He didn’t lose hold of. When you hold onto this mystery, everything will be solved. Hold did Joseph continue to receive answers. He had dreams that inferiorities his brothers. This is family evangelism taking place. The sun, moon and star are bowing down. The world is bowing down. What is the content of dreams? It is evangelism and mission. We consider that something that the pastor does. There are so many people who have never shared the Gospel, but do not feel guilty. Sometimes we are worse off than non-believers. It is because we have no imprint of evangelism and mission. So we all crumble. You might wonder why I am sharing harsh words on a Sunday morning? I am not sharing this with you because I want you to be cursed. I need you to know why the Israelites faced the disasters. We need to find that. if you are truly a person of God, then you need to find your covenant and the purpose of your life. Find it for yourself. If you are able to enjoy Immanuel, you can enjoy prosperity. Potiphar saw that God was with Joseph. He observed. That is evangelism. This is a flow, if you are in that flow, then there will be answers. Joseph’s brothers persecuted him. They were jealous. What would you do in the same situation? They all had different siblings. It would’ve been nice if they all got along. Most people would just leave home. Joseph took that opportunity for concentrated prayer. God revealed revelations to Joseph. Joseph didn’t die in the well because there was no well. It is the answer of a person who holds onto the covenant. The Gospel leader who holds onto the covenant will not perish. His issue of slavery was a chance to enter into a super power nation. God chose Joseph as a governor before creation. Slaves are not free to eat nor do whatever we want. If you don’t shower for 2-3 days, you wouldn’t leave home. He learned the method of correct report and anything else related to financial problems. He was so sure in his covenant. All problems would just turn around. If you do not have the covenant, problems will be scars. You will make it into a trial to leave the church. Through the problems, you will be a person without the covenant. That was a place where he met politicians. Joseph was able to interpret dreams with God’s covenant. He would pray about it. He was able to make it into his skill and talent. Inside of the prison, he helped another prisoner. The prisoner was set free and Joseph told him to remember him. But he forgot about Joseph. All humans are useless, but this was an answer for Joseph. If you hold onto the covenant and evangelism, all your problems will shift. Joseph experienced it and made it into his own. It wasn’t that Joseph had a great personality. However, he was able to discover the plan of God and spiritual background through problems. This is what the believers today are failing to do. It becomes a fight between churches. At the end, he rises to position of governor. This is how he restores this great identity and authority. He had the foresight to predict a famine. Ultimately, he sees the great solution for the problems of his family. You will see that with the covenant that Joseph is able to resolve all problems. It’s not that you have to go out and evangelize. But, if you have the covenant of being with God, then you will have the direct answers of being with God. The Covenant that Joseph held onto was his dreams. The content was evangelism and missions. Many people might misinterpret that as young people need dreams. It sounds right, but it is incorrect. All the harvests bowed down to him. What is the harvests? It is the result that had been reaped by people. They are bowing down. By whose will do the seeds become fruits? The planting and watering are done by people, but who controls the reaping? It is God. God allows everything, it means that all creation was bowing down to God. They are bowing down to the creator. Is Joseph God? This is not what that means. It is the one who gave him a dream is also God. In other words, again, who is Joseph with? He was with God. All the fruits of the world were bowing down to Joseph because he was with God. God created everything and controls everything. Joseph was holding onto God for the covenant. There was no choice but to bow down to him. He served the Lord. Who is God? There is a deity in all religions. Who is the original God and who created all humans? He came as the one to redeem mankind. It says in the beginning, there was the word. That was Jesus. The word manifested itself for the glory of God. It is Jesus Christ. It is the covenant of Jesus Christ.

2.     Christ solved all problems within God’s covenant

(1)    He was captured as a criminal of Rome by His own people and crucified

(2)    He served mankind in this world and went to hell without sin

(3)    He resurrected as a king of all kings and solved all problems, with all authorities

Isn’t the life of Joseph similar to Jesus? They were both captured by Israelites. Christ was crucified on the cross. Joseph served as a slave and Christ came to serve us. Both were false persecuted. Joseph resurrected from being a salve to governor as Jesus rose from death. Joseph became a leader and Jesus became ruler of heaven and earth. How is it that the lives of Christ and Joseph were similar? Joseph came before Jesus. Joseph held onto the Covenant through his life, so God uses his life to reveal about Jesus Christ. The point for us is to solve these problems. God’s main purpose is to reveal Christ. He could uncover Christ in our lives. You will see problems as answers. It’s not that you just accept the Lord and that is it. When problems come, this is a chance to reveal Jesus Christ according to the God’s time schedule. All the problems that come to us may lead to failure and destruction. But, that is a chance to reveal Christ. When problems come, do not be afraid and utilize the opportunity from God. The reason why he has done so is to reveal Christ. Don’t just struggle to solve problems, but interpret it. As children of God, you need to realize that problems are precious opportunities. If you look at Romans 8, it says, “we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” If we don’t realize or experience this, we are often quick to anger, but believe that Christ has finished everything.

3.     Jesus who is Christ, is the solution to all life problems

(1)    All problems are the chance to learn, experience and testify Christ to the sons of God

(2)    The cross of Jesus is where you end the scars from the past, the complaints of today and the worries of tomorrow

(3)    The only thing we must do is confess, pray and wait for Christ before all problems

The cross of Christ finished all the past scars of our life. The cross has solved your worries of your present and future. All we need to do is to confess Christ and wait. Joseph didn’t try to come out of the well and become angry. When you look at protestors, there are a lot of Christians, but they are unaware of these answers. Christ has solved all problems. When you hold onto the covenant, the kingdom of God will be upon. Why? It is because the power of the Holy Spirit will work. God knows every single thing. We are unaware of all of things. We need to be aware of that all things will be fulfilled according to the God’s method and time schedule. Joseph experienced this and knew. This is the reason why he told his brothers that God sent him ahead of time. A person who hasn’t realized the covenant would just think that Joseph is a classy person. They say that because they don’t know. May you be victorious so that these confessions will be natural.


Christ is truly everything. Catholicism tries to belittle Christ and portrays him as a baby. They are unaware of Christ. They like to lift up the Virgin Mary. They will say that since she is the mother of God, she should be the Mother God. They say that she is sinless as well. That is what is being taught in Catholicism. Christianity and Catholicism aren’t comparable. They are on opposite sides of the spectrum. You need to make the value of the Gospel as meaningful. Most problems stem from monetary issues. The important background is knowing the trend that drives it. It is only the places where you spend that you need an outflow. That is the financial blessing. Jesus said, “What belongs to God should be given to God, what belongs to Caesar should be given to Caesar.” The actual source of financial blessing is the Garden of Eden.  A river watering the garden flowed from Eden; from there it was separated into four headwaters. There is water that streams into the ocean, evaporates and goes back into the stream. It is a cycle. You need to be aware of your expenditure. You need to control your outflows. Then you will have the answers of the Garden of Eden. Next, it is the health problem. Jesus passed away at 33. That was the end of earthly ministry. If you are aware of this blessing, then you could live your entire life at the healthy level of a 33-year-old. Age is representative of time. The one who controls time is the Lord. If you live like this, then the Lord will give you physical blessings. There are a lot of young people without purpose or vision. There are also old people who live with purpose. May you live a young and active life. When God pours down blessings, then you can receive this answer. We need to live the healthiest life. You need to receive answers. Lastly, it is the inter-person relationship problem. Jesus served other people. He served them. We need to also serve. We don’t have this heart of service, so we like to condescend others. We think that serving others will put us at a loss, but it will all come back. There is something you need to do when you serve others. Jesus always had a crowd with Him. He separated His disciples with the crowds. He would show them His great works and fed them through His miracles. He separately had His disciples. He had selected people separately. He also had 70 workers. Among the 12, he had selected Peter, John and Jacob. You need to discern people. You need friends. Amongst your friends, you will have disciples. You will share the lifelong mission with them. He is knocking at our doors and telling us to organize our interpersonal relationships. What did Joseph realize? What did he enjoy? May you think about this and make the answer yours.


God, thank you for your grace. We hold onto the Gospel of solution as the covenant. May you sincerely pray that the Christ inside of us will be revealed. Whatever problems may come to us, allow us to confess it. May we enjoy all problems being resolved. We pray in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, Amen.