Dwell in Christ Who Existed Before the Creation of the World

January 22nd, 2016

ICA Sunday Pulpit Message

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Dwell in Christ Who Existed Before the Creation of the World (John 17:5, 24)


It is good to see you. Greet those around you. Have you had a good week? Today’s title is, “Dwell in Christ who existed before the creation of the world”. At the start of the new year, we held onto the movement of the 2nd RUTC. What is it? Remnant Unity Training Center. We are going to take our Remnants, unite them and train them well. What does it mean to train them well? We already have the answer. We are helping them believe in Jesus Christ correctly. You got them to take the path of the journey well. It is to know and understand the path that Jesus took. We need to know His journey. Starting from this week. We are going to look at how it began and how it was completed. This was so before the world was created. Raise your hand if you experienced the 1st or 2nd World War. These took place a long time ago. However, this happened even long before. Jesus always existed. He existed before the sun, moons and stars. It might be difficult to comprehend its significance. When we look at dogs and cats, they are mammals. They are predators because they conquer their own territory. They mark their territory and clean themselves up. They urinate their own territory. They need to mark the fact that they were there first. When you look at schools and the military, there’s a difference between seniors and newbies. There is a difference between them. There is an invisible privilege that you want to enforce on others. What happens if there is a senior resident in the neighborhood and they are picky? Others around them will be upset about it. Let us say that, instead, they are patient. What happens to the surrounding people? They will be thankful. They might need help. It is the same with the church. There are people of seniority in church because they were there the longest. There might be a church with a pre-existing congregation and invite a new pastor. In most cases, these kinds of pastors don’t have a lot of power. He might be a good lecturer, but when it comes to administration, he would lack power. When you look at the world of animals and people, there is power that comes for those who were there before. These unseen powers exist. I am not sharing this because I want to talk about whether it is right or wrong. This kind if flow and trend does exist in people. As people of God, we should not judge others but find God’s plan. We need to find the message. Who existed before all? In all of the world, who is the highest existing person of seniority? Is it Adam? The Bible clearly tells us the answer. Before all creation, there is a being who existed. We could confirm that through today’s verse. Even before creation, I had the glory of God. Even before the creation of the world, I received the love of God. Jesus existed before all creation and He created everything. He is the one who existed prior to any creation. If you want to nitpick about it, Jesus has the most seniority. If you really want to understand who you need to be, then it is Jesus. Jesus Christ is God, who created all creation. He stands before all who are created. The people of the world don’t know that. This is the reason why people don’t correctly understand. Based on their limited knowledge, they don’t speak well.

1.     People in the world all have their own opinion

(1)    People who have no interest in God (Agnostics)

(2)    People who insist there is no God (Atheists)

(3)    People who created their own God (Religious people)

People in the world have no choice but to hold onto their own opinions. They have no concern regarding God. They are categorized as agnostic. They don’t know. With the abilities of mankind alone, we cannot know God’s existence. So, they have 0 interest. They are very conscious. They admit that they do not know. There are others who firmly believe that there is no God, atheists. When you look at them, they are non-believers who see the duality of Christians so they are offended by it. They might judge Christians because they seem them as hypocrites. Without God, they are free to do whatever they want. There are people who are at a more extreme end. They go to church, but they believe according to their own methods. They are religious. These people want answers according to their own ways. If you look at the center of their heart, they are self-centered. It is the same as worshipping an idol. It is the same as believing in spirits. It’s like wanting a genie and a lamp. The Israelites did the same. They were slaves, but experienced God’s power. They received Moses’ guidance. One day, God calls Moses and tells him to go to the mountains. At that time, the Israelites waited at the bottom. Moses seeks God’s glory. They expected him to be back in a few days, but he was gone for 40 days. They got sick of waiting and built their own god, a golden calf. They were sick of waiting for God. They made it into an idol cast in the shape of a calf, fashioning it with a tool. Then they said, "These are your gods, O Israel, who brought you up out of Egypt." When Moses came down, he sees this and was angered. He takes the tablets of God and throws them. Then, he goes about and kills everyone who worshipped this idol. This shows God’s wrath. They did not know God at all. If I try to believe in God my own way, it will bring disasters. We met 1 person in Killeen. This person went to church from a young age. He prayed for her father’s surgery and a quick recovery. However, due to a complication, the father became brain dead. He was in shock and wondered why God didn’t answer her. He received a scar. He was a pianist. Due to his devotion, everyone told him that he had great faith. He told me that he believes that God exists vaguely. Most people, like farmers, believe that there is a higher power and pray for good fortunes. He heard a lot of sermons from a young age. His faith didn’t grow at all. Because there is a scar, it stunts all spiritual growth. When I told him about Christ, it gives him a migraine and makes him regurgitate. He couldn’t grow from that. My father attended church from a young age and served a Sunday School teacher. He was baptized by Pastor Kim Ik Do. However, he is from the countryside and wanted to escape from it. He always asks why God puts him in impoverished situations. He had an older sister. She was a person of great faith. One day, on her way to dawn service, she falls and breaks her leg. These days, you just go to the hospital and get treated. However, we didn’t have that back then. Why would God allow these believers to suffer? Disbelief can come into my father. My father lived like non-believer for rest of his life. At the end of his life, he repented and returned to the church. At the end, he fought against cancer and died. This is how people limit God within their minds. If God doesn’t fulfill your own standards, you start to dislike Him. I have seen my father have businesses and fail. He was on the brink of bankruptcy. My sister, mother and I would have to move. I wasn’t able to be admitted to colleges. There was this academy that paid you to attend their school. I studied diligently to be admitted. Afterwards, I went to church and prayed to go to the schools, but I was denied. So, I didn’t go to church after that. If you pick and choose your answers, you will dislike God. This is what religious people do. In the field that we live in, there are so many people who live this way. You can’t just judge them. They are seized. Agnostic people often suffer from depression. Atheists are offended by hypocrites. They try to be just. How can believes live like that? These kinds of people are filled with concerns Nothing is working for them. They are seized by their own worries. Religious people acknowledge God’s existence. They try to call to Jesus but are selfish. They don’t receive what they want and are anxious. You just need to help them well. Share the answers that you received. It has been over 10 years since we have moved to Austin. If you remember, we lived in an apartment and borrowed an American church for worship. From those days, there was a salon that she went to. It was very busy there. She was known us for a while. She had no interest in talking about God. Maybe it was because I lived in a small apartment and borrowing a church at the time. She lived a better life style. We might’ve been seen in lower standards. After a while, she contacted us. She was at a lower place. She is Catholic. She said that she could see that God exists in us. We started Bible Study. She started to grow in faith and praise. What about atheists? You need to make a difference between pre-existing believers. Not all believers are hypocrites. We need to show them that we are not wavering and a stable life. Religious people are chosen by God, but they will fall apart. It is at that time, you need to accurately share the Gospel. Help them to come out and free of this religious life. That is how you can please God and receive blessings. I just explained what you must do with these kinds of people.

2.     Hold onto the evidences of the Bible which is the truth

(1)    The evidences of the prophet (Is 9:6, Mi 5:2)

(2)    The evidences of the apostle (Heb 7:3, 13:8, Jn 1:1-3, Rev 1:8)

(3)    The evidences of Jesus Christ (Jn 6:38, 17:5, 24)

We need to hold onto the evidence from the Bible. It is the complete truth. What does it tell us about Christ? Christ is our everlasting Father in Is 9:6. He was a person of Bethlehem in Mi 5:2. Although this is a small city, a king will be born. His start is from ancient times. Apostle Paul talks about Abraham. He gave tithe to a prophet. He is a person of no start nor an end. He was compared to Jesus. He is of no start and no end. Jesus is forevermore. John the Baptist said that He existed before time. All creatures were created through Him. Paul said that he is everlasting. In John 6, Jesus said, “For I have come down from heaven not to do my will but to do the will of him who sent me.” In John 8, He said, “Your father Abraham rejoiced at the thought of seeing my day; he saw it and was glad." The Jews questioned whether He physically existed before time. In John 17, it talks about how I was with God before creation. That is when God loved you. We must be sure in our heart. He is not just a person who started a religion. He is God, the creator, who existed before creation. He needs to enter inside of you. He created all creation. He is the one who set everything and oversees all. God is looking all of these. The Israelites were complaining about the weather in the wilderness. However, there were a few who understood that this was God training them. When we receive the answers, we want, it is easy to praise God. However, even when the answers don’t come, we need to do the same. Who do we need to give attention to and serve? People who just think of Jesus as a Christmas character, will not receive answers. They will never experience His power. He is a tremendous being. We need to have a sincere confession of faith. It is only in Him that we are thankful in all things and give praise. We often complain to our parents, but we cannot do this to God. Come to the decision on what will please God. Jesus will look at you. He will always be with you. His works will be done. I bless that you will discover how tremendous Jesus is. This is what you need to find. I bless that you will enter inside of this.

3.     Dwell within the eternal Christ

(1)    Look up to Christ’s glory (Mt 16:27, 2Pe 1:17)

(2)    Rely on Christ’s power (Mt 10:1, 11:20, 26:64)

(3)    Believe in Christ’s faithfulness (2 Thes 3:3, Rev 21:5)

God is the creator, so we need to hold onto Him. He is the Lord over all. He has sovereignty over everything. He has the power and right to facilitate His own will. It is He who will bring about everything. Ultimately, He will stand as the final victor. I will forever dwell in Christ. We need to look for God’s glory. Some are suffering from depression. They need to look up to Christ’s glory. It is inside of Christ that He has given us the great and eternal identity. How must we see His glory? When God’s glory shines on you, then all aspects of depression will flee from you. You will be able to live a life that leads. It is inside the glory of Christ. The Spirit of the Father and glory will come for all angels to see. Some are always filled with worries, they need to lean on Christ’s power. He has the power to overturn all situations. When you sincerely open your hearts, and hold onto Christ, you could chase away all forces of darkness. You can’t find this in the world. The forces of poverty will depart from you. The forces of illness will depart from you.  When this power of God dwells on you, all problems are resolved. There are people who are anxious. For that, you need to believe in Christ’s faithfulness. Christ will not let you fall to the ways of the wicked. You need to rely on Christ’s faithfulness. The peace of God will come inside of you. May you apply this in your life. How can you look to the glory of Christ? You need to seek and praise God’s glory. Praise him. You will experience a cleansing of the darkness in you. How can you enjoy the power of Christ? Instead of focusing on frustrations, communicate with God. After that, the peace of God will come to you. Do not be anxious about anything, but present your requests to God. You pray that you might not know the point of this. Try your best until the day of His time schedule. He will never disappoint you. Try to have conversation with Him every hour, minute every second. After time passes, God’s power will take place. People are unaware of this, they crumble. How can you rely on Christ’s faithfulness? Come to the confession that it is Jesus who is the Lord of all. That is what Jesus is the Christ means. Answers will come. I bless that you will have the nature of praising Him, conversing with Him with a confession of faith.  I am not telling you to be a good person. You could hear those words anywhere. I am not telling you to live a correct walk of faith. It is seeing how tremendous God is.  It is bowing down to God. That is the reason why people even give up their own lives. When you confess that, the work of creation will take place. You need to realize who is the Lord. The first thing you need to understand is that Christ existed before all. Dwelling in Him is the life journey that we need to take.


Almighty Father God, we give thanks. Open our closed eyes. Give us the blessings to see the glory of Christ. Let us experience the works of creation prepared by you. In Jesus Christ’s name we pray, Amen.