The People of Mark's Upper Room (11) - The People who relay the Answer of Life

April 14th, 2019

ICA Sunday Pulpit Message

Many times, people ask how have you been? Yes, I am very happy, living everyday like a dream. There are not many people who will reply in this way. Many people will say, yeah, I’m doing kay. I live because I can’t die. So, people answer in this way when asked how are they doing. Hearing those words, we can see living life is not easy. Why is that? What is it that our lives are difficult? It’s because within our lives, we have a lot of problems. As I was doing my ministry, I encountered many people. With no exception, I’ve never seen anybody, individual or family, without any problems. Many people have financial problems, diseases, or family problems. There are cases when one problem is solved, another problem occurs. You think your problems with your kids are solved, and then your husband or wife causes problems. There are cases when you financial problems are finally solved and you are now making a living, and then a family member is faced with disease. That diseased person went the hospital is restored and healed, and then all of a sudden, the daughter that was married, because of personality differences, she wants to get divorced. There are problems after problems. Many people, because of the problems, they are afraid of the problems in their lives.

I’d like to share this story about India. This one magician was observing this one mouse. He was watching this mouse and noticed this mouse was always nervous and shaking. So, he thought that the mouse was small and, so, always afraid of something. So, the magician changed that mouse into a cat. That mouse that turned into a cat, he thought it would be brave and courageous. However, it was always afraid of the dog. Once again, he performed his magic. The magician changed the cat turned into a dog. Now he noticed the dog was always afraid of the tiger. Again he changed the animal into a tiger. The magician thought it would be bold. He thought the tiger would roar and would not be afraid of anything. However, the tiger was afraid of the arrow or the gun of the hunter. The magician continuous performed magic to make something brave, but it continued to have fear. At the end, the magician was sick and tired of it, that it was like a mouse and, so, he turned it back into a mouse. Maybe our lives are similar to the life of this mouse.

People are thinking of the problems they will face and are always in fear. People with money and education, they also live in fear. However, for the student who knows the answer to the problems on the exam, he will not be afraid. For a student who knows the solution to a problem, they will solve it and not be afraid, but instead have leisure. It is the same. For those who know the cause and answer of the problem, they will have courage. They will not be afraid; instead they will be bold and courageous. Because they are bold, they know the answer and give that answer to those who have problems. So, for a student who knows the answers to the exam, they could share the answer to those who don’t know the problems. The answer and problem to life is the same. Then, we must know what the true problem to our lives. What is the fundamental problem of life that no one can solve?

There are many problems in life, but the two most important are sin and death. Some people could say, “I’ve never committed a sin that will take me to hell.” Or same can say, “Everyone dies once, how do you know whether they go to heaven or hell?” And people who say these words have misunderstandings, misconceptions, and don’t know exactly. I said sin and death. Sin and death both have important contexts. I’ll talk about sin. When you go into the world and talk about sin, people will say you committed this or that. However, our God who sends us to Heaven or Hell, He is talking about something different. That is what the bible is talking about. What kind of sin am I talking about? There are two things.  

The first thing is the sin you have committed after you were born. The sin committed after you were born into the world. So, the sin I’m talking about are the sin that you have thought of and sin you have done actions. However, the people of the world are very sensitive and only think of these sins. But, the God who judges us, that is not what He is talking about. I’m not saying these sins are to be taken lightly, but He is talking about the root cause of these sins. So, what is the root cause of these sins? It is the sin that took place before I was born. The sin caused by Adam. We call that original sin, and this original sin took over the entire mankind. This is more important, and when you can’t solve this original sin, then you will go to Hell. The first mankind Adam disobeyed God—the original sin. So, when people are born into this world, they are born with this original sin. The sins that come afterwards are the sins you commit. But, there is no one in the world who doesn’t have original sin or the sin that comes afterwards. That is why it is recorded in Romans 3:23, everyone committed sin. And, Romans 3:10, no one is righteous. That is why it’s recorded in Romans 6:23, the wage, the result, of sin is death. The problem of sin—that is why mankind dies.

Now I’ll talk about death. In death, there are two different types. So, for the people of the world, they only think about the physical body dying. However, in the bible, it’s not important. In the bible, there is something considered more important. If you look in the book of Revelations, they talk about the second death. It is recorded in Revelations 21:3, after you die, you’ll be thrown into a furnace as a second death. After your physical body dies, you soul will be separated from your body, and your soul will be thrown into the fire of the furnace—that is the second death. And that is what is recorded in the bible. As we give this worship, we talked about sin and death. If we know these two categories correctly, according to the bible, God will bless you greatly. All you have to do, even though you are weak and a sinner, is know the root cause of sin is original sin. I am afraid of dying, but what I need to know is that after we die, we have eternal death of the second death. This is what we need to know. Honestly speaking, these two things, sin and death, are the most important things to know and the root cause of all these problems. It began with sin and connected to death. It has a connection to our lives. What does this mean?  

As we live our lives, if we commit sin, it will bring curses to our lives. The curses that we put upon ourselves will pile up. It will explode into disasters. All of a sudden, when you see disasters happening, it is very unfortunate. In the news or in the mass media, you’ll see these happenings take place. You’d say how could this happen? How could that people cause that problem? That is how we see and how we react. But, we also need to know that this took place because of the old problems we had. A long time past after all those curses piled up and exploded. After those curses and disasters, we face death and then the second death. This is the fate of a non-believer. All these connections in life and all these problems cause curses and disasters. This is actually quite fearsome. When people can’t solve those problems, it could bring problems like depression and panic attacks. Those problems will bring meeting of curses, meet people who will bring those problems, who will con you. This is why your parents say to have to meet good friends and people. People don’t have the intention to meet bad people. People just connect and become friends. Because people need to make a living and get a job, they go to work places. However, if you can’t resolve your problems, when you meet people, you’ll have accidents. When family members cannot resolve problems, they’ll have problems within the family. When they are in the region and cannot resolve those problems, they’ll have disasters in that place. Nation by nation, if they don’t know those problems, they will have wars.

Anyone who experienced war? Senior deaconess, you have experienced war. The younger generation, you may not know because you’ve never experienced it, but believers and non-believers, during war, everyone will die. During war, they will ignore all your positions and education and knowledge, everyone will die. That is the ultimate judgment of God. For this, we need to pray for our regions to be Gospelized, for our nation and our country. Solving this is the Gospel. In this building, this sanctuary, I preach and proclaim the Gospel. Every week, you come and listen to the message, and that is very thankful. But, time to time, to some people, they take the Gospel very lightly.  However, this is very important. Our lives depend on it. The Gospel, it can revive the family or destroy the family. Holding onto the Gospel decides whether your child will succeed or fail in the world. And in order to solve sin and curses, God has given us the Gospel. Because it was so important, He himself came to us. When people commit sin, they have to die—the wage of sin is death. But Jesus himself came, and instead of us, He died for us. God, He had planned to send Christ to die for our sins and to sacrifice for us. He is Jesus Christ, the lamb of God. Do you believe in this? As an evidence that He is the lamb for us, He was crucified on the cross.

As I give this word, I look around. Jesus Christ, who came 2000 years ago who died for us, we have never met Him or talked to Him. When you hear the word that Jesus died for us, you must accept that with your heart and have this movement in your heart. When you have that movement, moved by that Word, then you are truly saved. “I heard that Jesus died. But why did He die? He died because of His sin. So, I knew it was going to happen to Him. Then who is Jesus? My daughter-in-law keeps saying father, father—maybe that is my in-law.” If you know it to this extent, then you are in trouble. So when ordained Deacon Kim gave the Saint’s Prayer, he was moved. He was older in age and was giving prayer before the younger people. As he was praying, he was moved by the name of Jesus Christ. Jesus, He suffered and died on the cross to resolve the tremendous sin that we have. He told us ahead of time that He will die on the cross, and He fulfilled it. Instead of us, He suffered and took care of our wage of sun. Without love, He would not have suffered nor paid our debt. When we were sinners, Jesus was sent to the cross to confirm His love for us.

Regarding sin, we must not be tempted. I’m not saying to live an upright life. Time to time, with our actions, we commit sin. But, don’t be seized or oppressed by it. You have been completely freed from sin. The blood on the cross has liberated you. Do you believe in this? Everything is finished. You know everything has been completely finished, so you would not be judgmental of others because before God, we are all the same. Because I have committed sin less than you, I’m up here giving the message? That is not the case. Believe in the fact that original sin is completely finished. Because there is no condemnation in Jesus Christ, you have been set free from the law sin and death. The sin was finished, and now death. Once again, God sent His only Son to solve death for us. He died on the cross for our sins. Also, He died and resurrected. Meaning, He had broken the power of death. He has set free from the power and disasters from death. We need to die because we are the sinners. We are the sinners, and we should go to hell. But, instead of us, He died. Instead of us, He went to Hell. Do you believe He went to Hell? Did He go to Hell or not? People think He did not go to Hell.

What did it say in Apostle’s Creed? It isn’t recorded in the Korean version, but in the English, He went to Hell instead of me. If you look at the book of Peter, He went to the gates of Hell and proclaimed the Word, meaning He went to hell. He went. Because He is the Son of God, because He is righteous, because He is sinless, He went to Hell not to die but to proclaim the Gospel. His physical body died, and His soul went to Hell, but He did not face His second death. Instead, He went and proclaimed the Gospel. As an evidence, He died and resurrected. He devoured the power of death. He destroy the power of death. What I’m saying is that sin and death, He completely wiped it out. He is the first person who solved the problems of sin and death eternally. He is Jesus. He is our savior and messiah and our Lord. Jesus has forced mankind and solved the problem of sin and death. He died on the cross and resurrected from death, solving the problems of sin and death eternally. For those who confess that Jesus is the Christ, Son of the living God, He has given us the right to become the children of God. In this essence, everyone is the same. The height, our nature, characteristics, habits. However, He gave us the authority to overcome sin and death. As you give this worship, you will learn and enjoy and root into that authority. At that time, the Holy Spirit will take place. The Holy Spirit who created the world will be with you. We call Him the Son of God. Jesus Himself said that those who follow the Word of God are the sons of God. Believe that just like Jesus is the Son of God, we are the sons of God. If you know the true fact that Jesus is Christ, then that is the greatest thing you did on this earth. Knowing Jesus and accepting Him as your Lord—that is the greatest thing you can do on this earth. I bless you that you will have this faith.

When I was in Korea, I lived my walk of faith in the missionary school. Monday to Saturday, we would give worship. After getting off work, in the evening time, we would give worship. In the entrance of the missions building, the worship building, I would almost crawl into the entrance because I’m so thankful, grateful, sorry, and moved. That’s why I almost crawled. To me, entering inside of that place was like entering inside of Heaven. When God moves you and gives you this emotion, you cannot control you. You realize you have eternal salvation. I’m very thankful that I don’t have to go to Hell. Furthermore, He allowed me to become son of God like Jesus and gives me evidences on this earth, receive eternal salvation, and guarantee Heaven. He has prepared amazing answers on this earth. This is tremendous. At that time, because I wasn’t mature enough in my faith, I wasn’t able to go home and take care of the kids and I’d all my money to the church. Nowadays, I’m in my senses to take care of my family. Nowadays, I’m in my senses, and I try to give offering. I feel like you all are in the same mind.  

The mystery of Salvation and the Gospel is tremendous. Going to Heaven is the future. As you live life on this earth, you must find the answer and blessings. I try to give soft and sweet messages during the pulpit. What I’m saying is to receive blessings. When you hold onto the Gospel, the basic answers will come to you. All you have to do is find them. To remember those blessings easily, I’ve put them into three terms. The three basic blessings and answers of the saints: health, finance, and future generation. When you hold onto the Gospel firmly, if you hold still, those answers and blessings will come naturally. When you realize the Gospel, it will come. What is the Gospel? It is Christ. Solved the great problem of sin in life, and He is with me through the Holy Spirit? So, how can I enjoy the blessing of just being with Him? Recording in Isaiah 53, it is foretold of the crucifixion. He is beaten but we are healed. That He was strifed, and we were healed. Do you believe that? Because He was beaten and strifed, we have been healed. He has crucified all our diseases and illnesses on the cross. That is the blessing of health. When you are still, those answers will come. You have to let go of the thought, is that really true? 2000 years ago, Jesus had resolved and fulfilled that—help me to enjoy that.

Financial blessings. It is recorded in John 10:10, Jesus Christ will give us life and will make it even greater, prosperous, and give us an even more abundant life. Blessing of Eden will be restored. How was the garden of Eden was created? You think everything was cheap and knock offs, all used items? Maybe made my Home Depot? That was not it. It was the most rich, most great, and most abundant thing. It is also recorded in Ephesians, everything was great. First, we need to discard the problems and worries of our financial issues, and, instead, understand that He has prepared everything for us.

Also, the blessing of our next generation. When you soul is well, everything in your life is well. God, He has prepared everything for us. So, regarding out health, finance, and children, you have to let go of all your non-belief. I bless that you will have victory. So, when you are able to enjoy those blessings, then boldly you can share. I did not receive those things because I am great. I am a sinner. I have no choice but to go to hell, but He has saved me and made me His son. And to share this message, He has blessed me. He has blessed us so we can share that Jesus Christ is the solution to all problems. That is why Peter said in the scriptures, I give you what I have, rise and walk. He did not say, “I believe in Jesus. Do you want to believe, too?” Boldly he proclaimed, and boldly he shared the message. When you have true answer in life, this is what you’ll do. For you and I, I hope that we will be inside this blessing.


1.     The field is full of people who need answer to their lives

In the field, there are so many people who need the answer in their lives. If you look at the scriptures, you will see the cripple. From birth, he was lane. That was his fate. When you go into the world, you’ll see so many bound by their fate. They are trying so hard and struggling, but they are bound by their fate and destiny. And this cripple could not stand on his own, was able moved when people carried him around. He was in the situation where he needed people to carry him to the gate of Beautiful. In the field, there are people who are powerless and can only do things with help from others. Of course, in life, we have to help one another. However, there are people always relying on others and need help. What is the answer for them? It is not money; it is not the answers to their problems. It is said he begged. And in the field, there are many people who extend their life on their own. What is it they need? Christ is the answer to their lives. To people, they don’t even know their fate, and that they are bound to it, and they live their lives. There are people who fall into mysticism and idol worship. People who suffer just try to live one day, one day at a time. What they need is Jesus Christ. When people enter inside of Christ, not only will they help others, they’ll help the other become important. We need to give the life of Christ to those who are suffering in life.


2.    Become the people who give the answer to the field

Secondly, for us, you go to the field to study and make money. If you go to the field to share the Gospel to a nonbeliever, then God will bless your life. Before you and I, inside of Christ, we have been freed from our fate and destiny. So, we are bound what? We are seized by the covenant God will fulfill. What we need to do is go and share this covenant. We don’t need help from others. From now on, we need to breathe, help, and go forward to do Gospel movement. For Peter, with John, together he breathes and together worked. Think, you connect. If you have a friend or coworker that you can share everything with, then you succeed in life. Furthermore, doing God’s work together. So, I pray that disciples who I can do this ministry with. Why? Because this is what God desires. Then God’s covenant will be fulfilled. Many people come and go. That is why I have this prayer topic. God grants me one hundred family members who could root and do Gospel movement with me in this region. Many people just try to live that day and for the future. Make your past as your pedestal, living the future as a witness of evangelism. With faith, you need to go to our field.


3.     Start the 3 Todays to give answer to life

In order to give the correct answer to life, we need to begin the day with 3 Todays. When you begin the day, you stretch and yawn. When you begin the day, you go use the restroom, beginning the day by brushing your teeth. But, at that time, begin with the 3 Todays. Then what is the word I need to think throughout the day? What is the prayer topic I need to pray throughout the day? Who is the person I need to evangelize? If you do that, you will live. When you hold to the word of 3 Todays, your faith will grow. So, faith you will hear, and it is through Jesus Christ. As much as you listen the word, you will change, as well. The more you hold onto the word as the covenant, you will receive answers. When you experience this, you will not miss worship. You will not think of the worship lightly. Even if you are at a loss, you will come to the worship place. That is the power of the Word.  

Today’s prayer. When you pray in the name of Jesus Christ, you will absolutely receive answers. Why do we pray and receive answers in the name of Jesus Christ? It is recorded in Philippians 2, His name is the most high—Jesus Christ. The name of Jesus Christ who makes everyone kneel before Him, and you pray with His name. His name is the greatest name.  

Today’s evangelism. If you think about evangelism and living life as a witness, God will give you answer of global answers. This is because He promised to the ends of the earth, you would become My witness. So, whether you make money or go and study, I pray that you’ll know that the word is the spirit. The spirit of the word will grow my faith. Because the word is living and active, it could heal and restore everything in my thought. When you pray in the name of Jesus Christ, you are praying with a name that can rule everything, and you will receive answers. Because you need to make disciples and witnesses to the very ends of the earth, God will give you the global answers. I bless you that you will succeed in the 3 Todays. 

Let us pray. Father God, I give all the glory. Thank you for giving us the true answer of life. May You bless us so we can boldly share the answer of life to others. Help us to stake our lives to succeed in the 3 Today’s. In Jesus Christ name I pray, Amen.