The Me that was called as the Eternal Soldier

September 2nd, 2018

ICA Sunday Pulpit Message

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Our bodies have immune systems that protects and heals us. We could also express that immune system is the soldier that protects us from viruses and bacteria. When there is a virus that enters the body, the immune system will protect the body by blocking it. White blood cells and red blood cells are part of the immune system, and there are probably some people in the audience that knows what these cells do. If there is a pathogen that has entered the cell, the white blood cells will wrap around the virus or bacteria, as if they’re embracing the pathogens. Because of this, the viruses are said to “melt away,” and the viruses disappear; it’s quite amazing. We also have red blood cells. Our bodies need oxygen. If we lack oxygen in any parts of our body, that organ or part will die away, a process called necrosis.  However, the red blood cells carry the oxygen and carry it through the body to the parts where oxygen is lacking. The red blood cells will completely empty their hold of oxygen into the places where oxygen is low. After four days, the blood cells will then travel to the spleen and die off. This is not unlike to how we live our life. Around us, there are many viruses. When you feel tired or weak, you will be more vulnerable to these viruses. If you do not feel well, you might be incapable to come to work or even show up at church, but because we have immune systems in our bodies, we are able to overcome a bad bodily condition. This immune system, when put in the context of our spiritual life, is God. The white blood cells represent the love that God gives us, and the red blood cells represent the fact that He gives up everything so that we can live on. Through this, you can see how God created our bodies. When you have a strong immune system, you will live a healthy life.

As aforementioned, our immune system is like a soldier that protects our bodies. In this world, we have armies and soldiers who look over national security. Whenever people see soldiers pass by, they refer to them as soldiers; they don’t refer to them as human beings. Soldiers are often thought to be at a higher level than normal human beings and are respected and looked up to. While soldiers have a bad reputation in Korea because of various scandals and bad incidents that arose, that’s not the case in America. In America, there are many departments and systems that make up and oversee the structure of the nation—including one for veterans. The finances for the US are most used for the soldiers and the veterans. That’s how much the US provides for people protecting their country. Why did God allow that kind of help towards the soldiers and veterans?

Soldiers, after you’ve retired from your active duty, you do not go back to that occupation. However, there is an eternal spiritual soldier that protects the kingdom of God. We have been entered into this system of protection that the world does not know. When we know this and enjoy what is given to us, we can live a great walk of faith. Our Lord, Jesus Christ, lived like this and gave us this message. If you can understand this and apply this into your life, you will receive answers. In the Bible, many of them were soldiers, and many of them fought battles and wars. When the Israelites passed through the wilderness, they went against the Amorites. However, Joshua was able to come out of it. David was able to triumph against Goliath. You can see throughout the Bible that there are many soldiers and battles fought.

If you look in today’s scripture, Paul stated that we have been chosen as the eternal spiritual soldiers. We must truly understand this and enjoy this position forever. You must live your walk of faith knowing that you’re a spiritual soldier. The physical soldiers of the world are in active duty when they start, but they will one day retire. However, we have been called as God’s eternal soldiers. We must have the Biblical idea of being a soldier. “I will retire soon, but I will always be a spiritual soldier. That’s how God called me.” This is how we must live our walk of faith, so what should we do?


1.      The soldier that knows the eternal enemy (Gen. 3:15; James 4:7; 1 Pet. 5:8)

For eternal soldiers, there are eternal enemies. Who is our eternal enemy? It is the forces of darkness that is behind the people who oppose you. We are soldiers, knowing our eternal enemy. We know that it is Satan, the devil. Then who is Satan? After Original Sin, mankind and Satan have become eternal enemies. This is not a sermon that I’ve created; it is recorded in the very first book of the Bible. We need to open our spiritual eyes.

Everybody is crazy about worldly success. Satan pushed them to the age of the Tower of Babel, and he led them to be scattered across the world with different languages. There’s also the culture of idolatry and fortune telling. Satan will make you lose hold of everything. However, the Lord says that Jesus has saved us and we are now Children of God. You know that Satan exists, and you know who your eternal enemy is. Then what should we do to fight?

If you fight a physical fight for a spiritual problem, you will be at a loss. You are being deceived by Satan. If you fight a physical fight for a mental fight, you are giving Satan full reign over your life. It says that for our struggle is not against flesh. If you compress what it’s saying, it’s saying that it’s against the rulers. The evil spirit in Heaven. Do you think you can overcome the forces of the evil in Heavenly realms? Of course, our existence is above angels, but our abilities are below angels. Do you think you can overcome evil spirits?

We cannot overcome evil spirits. Then how can we overcome it? We are with your other soldiers, and they signal you what you should do. These fights are for the nation; you go out into the fight with the background of your country. The spiritual fight is the same. By yourself, on your own, you cannot win. You have to fight with the background of the kingdom of God, and you can fight with the background of God’s kingdom. Otherwise, you will lose.


2.     The soldier that fights for eternal kingdom (Mt. 6:33, Mt. 12:28; Lk. 18:29-30)

We are fighting for the eternal kingdom of God. You are not trying to get even with someone. You are not fighting because of your pride, for your honor, or for the very end. With the name of Christ who have won spiritual battle, you are fighting the spiritual battle. You are fighting for God’s kingdom. When Jesus was casting out evil spirits, the filling of the Holy Spirit made those evil spirits flee and Jesus won. (Mk. 9:29)

You might have this concern over how even though you are a child of God, you still have financial troubles and you get sick often. When you pray with the heart of honesty and sincerity, God will answer you. When you are not healthy or thirsty, spiritually, God has planned this so that you can enjoy prayer. Those problems are not happening because God wants you to suffer; He wants you to turn to prayer and experience the kingdom of God. In other words, God wants you to know the forces of darkness behind that poverty and weakness. Knowing the forces of darkness of Satan is the way to fight against it. You need to find out the fundamental problem behind why your family is always sick. It is because of Original Sin; Mankind was separated from God by Satan. You need to see and know the existence of the forces of darkness behind the person riddle with problems. You need to realize that all those things happen because of that darkness. You need to have the conviction within Christ to say the following words:

“I received the promise that God will save me and my household, so you have no more right above me. I command you out of here.”

You need to pray those realistic prayers and break through. Cast them out in the name of Jesus Christ. The power of Jesus Christ is holding the power of Heaven on this Earth. Give thanks to God that He gave you the answers to this. You need to know the true identity of the command. This is the actual spiritual fight. Of course, as you live your walk of faith, you would want to receive answers and faith. However, what is having a connection with God?

When you pray for the problems in your family, then God’s kingdom will be upon it. As much as the kingdom of God is with you, it will expand. It’s good for you to receive blessings and answers, however, God is giving you these answers so that you can fight the spiritual fight with your enemy. What is the reason that you need to fight this spiritual battle? It’s because that Jesus already won that spiritual battle.

In order to expand the kingdom of God, we need to fight the spiritual fight.

With this, we will realize that the kingdom of God is an amazing and valuable thing, more so than anything else in the world.


3.     The soldier that regularly trains for eternal victory

(Dan. 6:10; Prov. 22:6; Acts 5:42; 1 Tim. 4:7-8)

The soldiers train regularly; they don’t become lazy. Early in the morning, they go out and train. Why do they go through those trainings? It’s because they must be prepared for warfare at any time. That’s why they train themselves ahead of time. We are called spiritual soldiers. On a daily basis, we need to train ourselves.

Last week, we looked at Daniel. He prayed continuously regardless of the dangerous situation he was in to prepare for what was to come. In order to do this training, we have our mission home. I believe that all the remnants that reside in the mission home will become summits.

Don’t just listen to the word of God during sermon; meditate on it back home for the rest of the week. This is the spiritual training that we need to do on a daily basis. That’s why all of the church members must be in the flow of the message. When you’re in the flow of the Word of God, you will enter into God’s prepared blessings.



For those who fight against people and their circumstances, they are truly foolish. We are eternal spiritual soldiers who will fight against the eternal forces of darkness of Satan. Until our last breath, we will face our eternal enemy and triumph over it.

We cannot fight on our own. God, knowing this, gave Jesus Christ and raised Him as our leader. In the beginning of our walk of faith, we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord, and if we follow Him, the army of angels will be mobilized, and we will succeed.

He knows what we did in the past, and he has called us as our spiritual soldier. He is the Lord who will guarantee us our guidance and future. He even knows our breath. He also know the counts of our hair strands. That’s why we must do continuous prayer. When you dwell within the Holy Spirit, you will gain great victory. You will fulfill God’s plan, and God will give you great blessings. You and I are both God’s greatest blessings. That’s why we must pray regularly.

Let us pray.

Dear Heavenly Father, we give you thanks. May you open our spiritual eyes and accept Jesus Christ as my own. You have chosen us as spiritual soldiers that will fight the eternal spiritual battle against our enemy, Satan. Help me to prepare regularly so that I can have victory. In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen